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Nov 19, 2010 04:33 PM

weird BBQ sandwich at Pecan Lodge Catering

made a tomato run to shed no 1 at the Dallas Farmers Market (field tomatoes are all gone, only hothouse tomatoes now available in shed 1) . Since there was a favorable review of PLC in today's GUIDE/DMN, I decided to swing by shed 2 and check out some BBQ. Nobody wants better Que for Dallas than me, as it would just be so much simpler than driving to Taylor/Lockhart/Luling whenever you just have to have good smoked meat.
I ordered a chopped briscuit sandwich, which was 7.00, so I thought I was in for a treat, but it was most definitely not a treat. Most chopped beef sandwiches have sort of a sloppy Joe texture, but this one had good size cubes of briscuit, like 1/4 inch cubes, or larger. I took one look at it and thought that it was going to be so good. Each piece of meat was different. I guess they save leftover pieces of briscuit for the sandwich. The bun was awful, and came apart as soon as you picked up the sandwich. The sauce was wonderful. The menu says the sandwich comes with pickle and onion.........there is a small plastic tub served with the sandwich, with enough raw, chopped onion to just cover the bottom of the tub. On top of the onions were two pickle slices.
It's fine with me to serve BBQ sandwiches w/o onions or pickles. But I had to wonder what you would think if you were served that and you really enjoyed onions and pickles. For just a moment I thought I was on Candid Camera. Interesting to me that someone in the kitchen would prepare what they did knowing it cost $7.00. What were they thinking?
People were picking up BBQ by the pound to go, and the staff was very polite and helpful....offering instructions on how to reheat the meat, etc. I hope others on this board will try the BBQ meats by the pound and report on their experience. But stay away from the worst 7.00 sandwich you are likely to encounter.

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  1. Although I'm not a fan of the chopped beef sandwich, if I do order one somewhere, I'll ALWAYS ask for them to chop the meat in front me from the brisket. Also asking for some fatty and "brown" bits as well.
    I refuse to eat one any other way.

    1. My experience back in the spring was anything but pleasant. The brisket was extremely fatty with marbling and the ribs were ok, but both were insanely over sauced and over rubbed. While picking at the brisket, I saw customers walking away with whole briskets (seasoned, cooked and ready to eat) in cryovac. Had I known that little tid-bit before ordering......

      I really don't get all the props being tossed their way. Even the Guide said there were frequent inconsistencies, so what's with a whole page review????

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      1. re: CocoaNut

        I agree with what you say on Pecan Lodge's ribs, but I found the brisket to be one of the better ones in the area and would recommend it without hesitation. Thought the fat was nicely rendered, had a decent smoke ring and good crust. Also agree with luniz on Meshack's overall being better on moistness.

        Also I never order sandwiches or platters when having BBQ, I only get meat by the pound. You'll get a better idea of the strengths/weaknesses that way.

      2. I don't think I understand your complaint regarding the pickles and onions. Not enough? Don't like raw onions? A lot of times on a good chopped/chipped brisket sandwich you'll get regular pieces and some of the crunchy, greasy fat soaked end pieces that have a ton of flavor, lots of people like that. The worst $7 sandwich, you're saying it's worse than a Subway footlong steak and cheese?

        I've had the brisket. I thought it had nice smokiness even being mesquite smoked which isn't the easiest to achieve good results. Good penetration, nice smoke ring, good crust, but just not real moist. I thought Meshack's was better, less heavy smokiness but still smokey and much moister. Ribs were ok, not particularly standout.

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        1. re: luniz

          yes, not enough...........7.00 is the most expensive BBQ sandwich I have encountered; there may be some that expensive, but I think 4.50 to 5.00 is the going rate. So, if you're charging a premium, why not try and put out a decent sandwich? A Subway sandwich can have many ingredients, from mustard to mayo to numerous vegetables, etc, etc. This sandwich has 3 things: bad brisket, sauce, a bun. Face it, luniz, it's not difficult to make a decent BBQ sandwich, but you have to be willing to try.

        2. oops....brisket isn't spelled "briscuit" ......sorry.

          1. I might have just asked for more pickles/onions. ...

            I haven’t had the chopped sandwiches but I did order about $400 of food for a party last month, sliced beef, sausage, BBQ chicken, potato salad and grits.

            I thought everything was great. The brisket had a great smoke ring and good bark. The smoke flavor was perfect for mesquite (although I prefer oak overall) and the meat was tender and a touch fatty (exactly how I like it). Honestly better than the brisket I had last week at Luling City Market (clearly an off day).

            Everyone loved the green chile grits; in fact we packed a lot of to-go plates by request. They were stiff and cheesy, and had a great corn and green chile flavor, a big hit.

            The sausage was the best I've had north of the Southside Market. Perfect medium grind, quite smokey and just fatty enough. If he's grinding/casing this himself, I'm impressed, I suspect it's sourced.

            The potato salad had big chunks of onion and celery which some people found off-putting. To me it's potato salad, even when it's great it's still just potato salad. The "chicken-eaters" thought the birds were excellent. I thought they were just fine.

            It was a bit on the expensive side and there was no follow-up to check to see how everything was, but those are smaller points for me, although its sounds like Pecan Lodge it about to get some serious competition, so those things may start to matter for business.

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              1. re: Scagnetti

                He (fcg) also gave Cowboy's BBQ and Rib Co, as well as next failed occupant, Daddy Joe's, high marks, although I see that he's wisely downgraded his "star" rating since their closings. I don't think either lasted more than 3 months because they were both plain bad.

                Nonetheless, I enjoy reading fcb.