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Nov 19, 2010 04:17 PM

Asian market near Springfield, MA?

Looking for an asian market near springfield, ma, any suggestions? I have been looking for a spot to buy tofu skin, and I haven't had any luck. Thanks!

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  1. Not sure about Springfield, but there's Tran's World Market in Hadley. Don't know if they specifically have tofu skin, but you could call and ask.

    Also, check this out:

    Someone else posted it on another pioneer valley thread a while back.

    1. Not sure if they have tofu skin, but I do my shopping here:
      The Asian Market, 17 Pomona Street, in Springfield.
      It's not far from The X in Springfield. It's in the same location as the old Pomona Market.

      1. I really like International food market on Rt. 9 in Hadley. Really nice Cambodian couple own it, and they get some fresh ready to eat Asian and Indian food from NYC (samosas, dumplings, curries, yum). Plus it's right around the corner from mi tierra! :)