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Nov 19, 2010 03:48 PM

Tuscan Kitchen Milford NH?

Someone mentioned to me they heard they were building a new place in Milford. I've never heard of them, they have one in Salem Nh opening Monday 11/22.

This is the only info I could come up with doing a search: -which dosen't give much usuful info. I was hoping for a mention of Milford or even the menu for Salem.

I don't get to Milford much at all, and can't think of just where this might be.

Anyone know anything about this?

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  1. I would be surprised to see someone opening one restaurant and at the same time, building a new one in another town. That being said, the only restaurant being built in Milford that I know of right now is a bagel place set to open in December. That is located on the corner of the oval, next to the Bravo pizza and game center. I haven't seen any other new restaurants being built anywhere in Milford. (I'm excluded the two renovated restaurant spaces, the old McD's and Elisha's)

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      Tuscan Kitchen opened in Salem, NH - they have a dinner/app. menu on their website.

      1. re: adiosoven

        I drove by the other day and Tuscan Kitchen is in the space that used to be a mega high end sports bar that was only built a few years ago. The place is massive and quite a lot of money went into it.

        There are a handful of reviews on Yelp already. Most are from first time reviewers giving it five stars. Seems a bit early for that. I'd chalk it up to either shock and awe at the size and spectacle of the place or worse, shill reviews. One review was 3 stars from a more established reviewer. Given how new it is and how large it is ( 300+ capacity ) I am sure there are some kinks to work out. I am over there occasionally and plan on giving it a try.

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          Tuscan Kitchen in Salem is the new restaurant opened by the former owner of Josephs Pasta. He spent a lot of money revamping the old Devitos building, including moving the kitchen and basically gutting the entire place. We have not been for dinner yet, but have a few friends that have and also know a few people that are servers there.
          I have heard nothing but good things so far, except that the entrees are too big. I know that the service training was very intense and involves many hours of menu training before a server can even think about actually serving customers. The menu/wine list are Italian.
          We will be going soon and I will give a more detailed review. As far as another Tuscan Kitchen opening in Milford, I doubt it would be the same owner...

          1. re: purchaser1

            I had lunch at the Tuscan Kitchen in Salem and what an gorgeous place! Beautiful building, serving outside and the interior is outstanding with high ceilings, excellent furniture. Seating at the bar or at the high tops are available as well as normal table service. Bread and oil for dipping arrives promptly and the bread was outstanding. It's baked daily in the basement as is desserts. All pastas are made in house. Pastas from the menu is also available as small plates. Lunch specials runs in the $8 to $14 range. I had the Tuscan Steak Salad, steak cooked as ordered and the salad was just delightful. Service was excellent and my waitress seemed genuinely delighted to be working there.


    2. If only in Milford! I am guessing they mistook the renovations to the restaurant on Elm St. (now Chapanga's) as The Tuscan Kitchen. That new place couldn't be further from what TK looks to be. Lucky for Salem!

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        I'm looking forward to trying the Tuscan Kitchen in Salem. The building looks gorgeous, and I've been hearing nothing but good reports from everyone that has been so far. Salem needed an establishment like this!

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          I haven't been to The Colosseum in years, but I wonder that if they were still doing a steady business at all, how this opening in Salem will affect them? Or will the new, shiny (maybe pricier) place wear off after awhile?

          1. re: eatalian

            I was just at The Colosseum two weeks ago - the weekend after the Tuscan Kitchen opening (we were there at 6 PM on a Sat. night.) Although busy, it wasn't packed. There were a few empty tables as we left around 8 PM. Some people at the bar but it looked like no one was waiting for a table. We enjoyed our meal there although we laugh at the "best in the world Italian..or something like that" awards hanging in the lobby. The food is better than a chain, some pasta is homemade, service was decent but didn't "Wow" but the atmosphere is "MEH" It's in a strip mall and I don't think the owner has put a ton of money into decor and amenities over the years. It's comfortable, but not what I'd call upscale or gourmet. I'd give it a solid 6.5 out of 10. At least he didn't have the strolling musicians he had years ago - we found that annoying and believed the place was too small for it. Will also try Tuscan Kitchen in the near future. Friends reviews have been positive thus far. I guess there is a restaurant on the first floor and bar/lounge for smaller plates, wine, etc. on the 2nd floor with entertainment some nights, too. It looks nice from the outside - with a patio opening later that overlooks "the many multicolored cars of NE" i.e. the parking lot(!) I don't understand why restaurants put patios right at the parking area but many do this. I just don't like it! We don't understand all the Italian/Pizza restaurants in Salem, it's crazy.

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              I wondered about the "awards" for The Colosseum as well. I wonder if there's all the Italian restaurants in Salem bc it's right off of 93. Otherwise, it's a fairly easy trip to Boston, so they have to keep the people in Salem with something?

      2. Went back to the Tuscan Kitchen In Salem, NH for another lunch today. Got seated at a hightop today with a nice view of the open kitchen. I was surprised to see how busy they were on this blustery Monday. I had the tuna salad and it was excellent as was the service and don't forget the in-house baked bread, I could live on that alone. For lunch it's really not that pricey when you consider the quality of the food.


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        1. re: Ferrari328

          It will be featured on "Chef Wanted" with Anne Burrell Thursday at 10:00pm.

          Did you notice any difference from when you visited back in July? Although you seemed to really enjoy what you had then too.
          I haven't been in that area in many years, but I've mentioned I'd like to take a road trip there just to check it out. So maybe I can talk hub into it soon.

          1. re: hummingbird

            No change that I could see, the menu looked about the same and it's always excellent service.


            1. re: Ferrari328

              Its never a good sign when a place appears on a reality show.

          2. re: Ferrari328

            Hey, Ferrari, did you happen to check out Tuscan Market while you were there? Here's a link to my report from a few weeks ago. All owned by the same people. Check it out next time if you haven't.