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Nov 19, 2010 02:01 PM

(good) Popcorn kernels

Fellow Chowhounders,

Please help me help my husband. A few years ago he bought a freakishly good bag of Clic corn kernels to use with his air-popper. It was "fresh!, sweet!, tasted like actual corn!" & he's been chasing the dragon ever since. He's tried every supermarket brand & has filled many bulk-bin bags (my pantry can attest to that) but alas, he's never been able to replicate. I know there are some great mail-order gourmet kernels out there but can you think of anything local?


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  1. I've been on the hunt for some good kernels as well of late. The Milanese are nice and fresh, can't really say they taste sweet but much fresher tasting than other bagged stuff.

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      1. 5 Saisons on maisonneuve and green now has small jars of Fireworks brand popcorn, I believe from Washington, in a few varieties: crunchy red, blended, etc. It's quite good. I do have to say that you're never going to squeeze stellar results from an air popper. On the stove in an old cast aluminum pot is IMHO the only way! Try 'toasting' the kernels at medium heat until they brown slightly in the oil, removing them from the element after the first pop to rest for a minute, then returning them at high heat to finish popping. Roasty and nutty and perfect.

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