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Nov 19, 2010 01:57 PM

Good sides for grilled or oven-roasted whole steelhead trout?

I usually just make a salad, but I'm bored with that. Weather permitting, the humongous, delicious trout will be grilled outside which takes about 20 minutes tops.

Starch might be rice pilaf if I ask the man nicely.... green beans? Asparagus? I'm thinking something bright flavored (apologies in advance to small h for using that term).


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  1. how bout some grilled or roasted (whichever happens to the fish) fingerling potatoes, tomatoes, corn, or baby artichokes?

    1. I just made a wonderful Preserved Lemon, Fennel, & Arugula salad that was a big hit at my dinner:
      I did not top it with the fish as the recipe calls for (it suggests either anchovies or smoked trout), and you wouldn't need to either, since the fish is already on the plate.

      The catch is that you need to procure some homemade or store-bought preserved lemon, but it may just be worth it, since the brightness and acidity of the luscious preserved lemons go so nicely with an oily tasty fish like trout.

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      1. re: abijah

        That sounds lovely! In fact, I can get preserved lemon at the local supermarket. I'll check out the recipe.

        I wouldn't call trout oily, tho. It's really pretty mild & light.

        1. re: linguafood

          right. steelhead is more like salmon than trout so it's less oily. we've been enjoying it quite a bit. here's a couple of recipes that will work with it.

          1. re: davmar77

            According to our fish dude, they are only called steelhead trout because they are massive. They're still trout. And I would say salmon is much, much fattier than trout. Or steelhead trout.

            But the sides sound delicious!

            1. re: linguafood

              they are trout but the flesh is red in color like salmon and meatier then rainbow trout for example. we've been getting it previously frozen at the local supermarkets and fresh at bj's. and yes, those sides work really well and are quite easy.

              1. re: davmar77

                OK, sounds like my fish dude is wrong then, and they are just massively large trout. Because they look like trout, not salmon. The meat is white, sweet, and mellow.

                  1. re: davmar77

                    Yes. I know that fish. Not the fish I bought.

          2. re: linguafood

            I prepare steelhead like I treat salmon.

            1. re: jeanmarieok

              So do I. The flavor is milder than most salmon, and it is usually paler in color. I don't think it is oily at all.