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Nov 19, 2010 01:18 PM


I am taking my wife to napa/sonoma for 2 days next week and need some advice. last time we went to napa we hit all the big boys (opus, mondavi, chandon, coppola, etc), which was nice to see, but they were too big for their own good. no connection to the growers. That is what we want. Not huge vineyards that truck in bachelorette parties by the buttload to get wasted. If you guys have advice that would be great...we plan on one day in sonoma and one in napa. thansk~!

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  1. I had a nice tasting at Ridge Vineyards in Lytton Springs on Friday afternoon. It was a rainy day an and the staff member manning the bar said he'd had about 35 people stop in that day, so not overrun on weekdays. The winery is situated in the middle of the Lytton Springs vineyard and is a new, green facility. I had a behind the scenes tour of the facility when it opened a few years ago and the building itself is of interest, as well as the vines. Well-informed employee who answered all my many questions and reliably good wines at Ridge. Here are my tasting notes on the Wine board:

    Ridge Vineyards - Lytton Springs
    650 Lytton Springs Rd, Healdsburg, CA