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Nov 19, 2010 12:47 PM

Critique my list please! Montreal chowhounds in London for a week

Hubby and I will be in London from Dec.3-10. I'm super adventurous with food but my husband has more conservative tastes. I'd like to stay away from French since we have great options in Montreal and focus more on food that is more "British". We're staying at the Hide London (Hendon) which includes breakfast and will be fitting in 2 Arsenal games during our trip.

I've researched the board and here's my itinery so far - please critique and make suggestions.

Friday: My husband has us booked for a tour of Highbury for most of the afternoon. Open to dining suggestions. Maybe Petek (turkish) which is around there?

Saturday: Arsenal match in the afternoon, will probably grab a bite around there before the game. I hear there's a great jerk chicken stall around. Maybe New Tayyabs at night? I don't want to do anything fancy as it's Saturday night and we'll likely be in a mood for something casual.

Sunday: Nothing planned so far. Suggestions please! Maybe I can fit in Jamie's Italian for dinner or something with a great view.

Monday: Day tour booked to Stonehenge/Bath/Windsor. Lunch is included in the tour in Lacock and we only get back around 9pm. What to do for dinner?

Tuesday: Thinking of high tea at the Orangery in Kensington. Reservations booked for Bull & Last for dinner.

Wed: Masters Superfish in the afternoon maybe? Arsenal match at 7pm

Thurs: Tate Modern/Borough Market. Reservations booked at Harwood Arms for dinner.

Friday: Flight leaves at 3pm. Not sure we'll have time for anything before that.

Some options that I want to fit in, but not sure when:
- Lunch at Gordon Ramsey at Claridge's
- Is l'Atelier by Robuchon worth checking out? They have a great lunch deal.
- Maybe dinner at the National Portrait Gallery restaurant - or something else with a nice view?
- Jamie's Italian. I know that it's a chain and nothing to write home about but i'd like to try some mainstream Jamie Oliver since I've always loved him.
- Maybe grab lunch at Princi

As you can see, I love gastropubs but I think i've got that covered. Super excited about Bull & Last and Harwood Arms. I've considered St. John's but decided against it as there is not enough options on the menu that hubby will eat. I'd rather not break the bank on any meal but if there is something I really should be considering, please mention. Thanks for your help!

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  1. I hope your dinner at the Bull & Last is a late one. Maybe it's just me, but I can never eat much of a dinner after having high tea. They give you a lot to eat! Maybe you can switch the tea to another day?

    You'll enjoy Lacock. It's a pretty town and we once had a good lunch there about 3 years ago. It was recently the setting for a TV series shown here.

    1. would like to see a chow review of this new Jamie Oliver Robata grill restaurant off St Pauls cathedral

      1. Skip Tayyabs in favor of one of the other Pakistani places in the area. Either Needoo or Lahore Kebab.

        Get a pint at The White Horse while you're near the Harwood Arms.

        1. for good views i like the swan restaurant at the globe theatre - it overlooks the river and it's nice to walk along the south bank to take in the sights. npg is good for drinks but does get packed, i'm not sure how good the food is - it was nothing special when i ate there but it is a while ago so may have improved.

          your saturday schedule is unappealing to me as it'll be a bit of a trek from the game to east london. why not do something central that day (jamie's or the swan?) and hit tayyabs another time? when i went there it was for a sunday lunch which is nice as you can factor in exploring spitalfields and coloumbia road markets beforehand and take in the area you're in rather than miss everything because its dark.

          claridges and rubochon are obviously french-based menus so might not be worth it if there are other british options you'd rather prioritise.

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          1. re: abby d

            Thank you all for your replies. That's why I love this board.

            If I do jamie's on sat night, which location is the most central? Will it be packed on a sat night? Any feedback? Is it crap?

            Is there anything that shouldn't be missed that we could do over Claridges or Robuchon?

            1. re: CookEatSleep

              The Ledbury does one of the best value lunches in London, and is my favourite place ever - £33 for three courses I think. I would go there over Robuchon / Claridges any day.

            2. re: abby d

              I would give Jamies a miss - it's average at best (although I would like to try his new place, despite Dos Hermanos giving it a pretty shocking review). If you are in North London for the game you should head down to Exmouth Market to Moro or perhaps Caravan. There's a few good pubs around there for a post-game pint. Or you could try either for the Sunday meal

            3. my wife did the lunch deal at L'Atelier dJR and was very disappointed.

              By the way, Highbury stadium hasn't existed for several years :-)

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              1. re: davew666

                That's exactly the type of feedback I wanted. Scrapping Robuchon. Any alternate suggestions are welcome.

                Oops I meant the Emirates stadium...

                1. re: CookEatSleep

                  My lunch suggestions would be Pied a Terre £23.50 for two courses, £29.50 for three courses
                  Le Gavroche £49.50 for three courses and 1/2 bottle of wine.

                  Both are incredible and consistent. If you search this board you can find lots of feedback on lunches at both.