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Nov 19, 2010 11:42 AM

Cooking crab

I've never cooked a crab before -- someone else does it or I just buy it cooked at the store. Since the season just began I decided to buy one and try cooking it myself. However, all the recipes I've found so far refer to live crab or frozen crab, neither of which I have. I just bought it fresh from the tank but had the guy cut it up. I was thinking about just having it plain with garlic butter, but how should I cook it? Steam it? Boil it? And for how long? Prior to it being chopped up, it was 2.75 lbs. It's less now because it doesn't have the big shell. And when it's cooked, how can I tell it's done?

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  1. Since it's already cut up, I highly recommend stir frying it Chinese style with ginger, green onions, and black bean sauce. It's a luscious dish. Here's a link to a how-to pictorial:

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      Oopsie - wanted to give you pictures since you haven't done this before and the recipe I posted is for oyster sauce, which would also be delicious. Just Google crab stir fry black bean and green onion and you'll see lots of recipes - basically the same. Once the ingredients are assembled, it's quick. Here's a nice one:

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        Thanks! I think I'm going to try harryharry's recipe tonight and then this one over the weekend -- I think I have everything but the black beans. So I will have to pick some up when I go back to Chinatown to get another crab.

    2. If it's cut up steam it for 10-15 minutes. If it isn't cut up steam it for 15 minutes. I would boil it of it was cut up because youl "boil" out all the flavor.

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        Meant to say I "wouldn't" boil it if it was cut up.

      2. so, it was a live crab that the fish guy cut up for you? First of all it should be cooked asap - shellfish doesn't do well if it's dead and uncooked. Depending on the size of it you could just saute it in the butter (maybe mix in some oil so it doesn't burn quickly), actually, I would saute the garlic in the butter - add the crab pieces - add a little wine - cover to steam and then eat .

        Everyone will have their own opinions, but it'll be good whatever you do it.

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