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Nov 19, 2010 11:32 AM

Bottom Freezer - Love or Hate?


I'm considering a "bottom-freezer" refrigerator for the 1st time and can really use some feedback:

Here are my reservations:

1) Bottom swing door annoying - ? (Pull out drawers seem pricey)
2) Digging through basket / Organizational issues?
3) Hard to pull out drawer? (door will barely open 90 degrees, bags crammed and hits top shelf?)
4) Less freezer usable room than top freezer variety?
5) No door pockets?

Some background...

1) a frequent freezer user
2) a frequent crisper drawers user
3) a freezer stuffer (always seems 95% full)
4) tight space (can barely fit 33 in)
5) Currently 18cu ft fridge; hoping to go up to 20 - 21 cu ft
6) have been bending/kneeling down to sort crispers and didn't mind it too much - but maybe because I didn't know any better?

Any inputs, thoughts, brand/model recs appreciated!

I'm thinking something like this - pretty basic and on a smallish side:

Initially I was going to get this. Really good reviews, and many reviewers say it seems roomy for the size.

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  1. I adore my bottom freezer. Here's my logic -- the stuff in your crispers goes bad faster than the stuff in your freezer. So having the crisper closer to eye level means you're much less likely to forget stuff in the back.

    I also find that having drawers in the freezer (which even the swinging door models do, internally) makes it much easier to get to things. Since a lot of what goes in the freezer is fairly flat (or can be made so) it's easy to stack things vertically in that drawer so that you don't have things sitting on top of each other. In the Kenmore model you linked to, I think you could use a wire basket on the shelf next to the ice maker to aid in organizing that.

    Most do have a small door pocket, but the drawers really make them superfluous. Still, they're handy for things like juice concentrates, butter, etc.

    The caveat to this is that mine is an enormous (29 cu ft) model with a pull-out freezer, so I haven't dealt with the swinging door -- though if you have room for the door in your kitchen (nothing obstructing) I don't think it'd be all that different, just an additional step (swing and pull out, rather than just pull out).

    Know nothing about it, but Sears has this one on sale this week -- appears to have a pullout freezer:

    My suspicion is that if you really want a pull-out, you can probably wait a few weeks and shop the sales to find one in your price range.

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    1. re: dtremit

      Dear dtremit,

      Wow, THANK YOU so much for the Sears Link! I have been looking at all major stores, but I didn't even notice that particular model/sale. In fact, I was going to see if that Kenmore (much lesser model and smaller) will go on sale for Black Friday.

      But thanks to you, I marched straight down to local Sears and bought it today. And did I tell you it's a lot bigger and nicer? Drawer is much better made and not a swing door. And it'll be here before the turkey day.

      Happy Thanksgiving : )

      1. re: pongstress

        Congrats! Hope you like it! That looked like an absolutely amazing price for a French Door model. We have a Samsung we bought from Lowe's a year ago and love it. I will never go back to a side-by-side or top freezer. I'm so klumsy, having the heavy frozen stuff in a drawer close to the floor is healthier for my feet!