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Nov 19, 2010 11:29 AM

Looking for southern sides for a thanksgiving dinner, and not fancy junk

Hey everybody,

I'm doing thanksgiving dinner and I want to do some sides that are southern, but not the highbrow stuff on the chow menu. What's traditional down here and who's got good recipes?

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  1. Sweet Potato casserole - but with no marshmallows, just brown sugar butter and pecans on top.
    Ambrosia - but with no marshmallows and frilly stuff. we just had it with sectioned oranges, pineapple and coconut.

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    1. re: Girl Friday

      I definitely second the sweet potato casserole with brown sugar and pecans on top--we made that last Sunday and it was great--a little went a long way, tho, since we didn't whip air into them or add cream, etc. Ambrosia I can also recommend. Some sort of homemade stuffing with sausage would be a great addition also. There are plenty of variations when it comes to stuffing.Sounds like 3 great suggestions to start with !

    2. Ambrosia! Good answer!

      We have scalloped oysters and cornbread dressing with sausage.

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        Now we're talkin'. I've got my eye on some kind of sausage stuffing, but how do you do the oysters?

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          I will tell you. It's the way my grandmother Blanche Pickens told me, and mine are never as good as hers! You layer oysters and crushed up saltines in a casserole. Salt and pepper to taste. Cover with milk/cream/combo. Put more crushed up saltines on top. Dot with butter and cook til bubbly. I adore this, but I think a lot of it is sentimental! I miss her.

      2. The past couple of weeks, the greens at the Farmers Market have been fantastic so it seems like they'd be a perfect side for Thanksgiving. I use this recipe, originally from the Mrs Wilkes Boarding House cookbook:

        The results have been incredibly flavorful and delicious with the greens that I've gotten lately.

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        1. I'll be eating a mirliton/seafood casserole very much like this at my sister-in-law's home just north of New Orleans on Thanksgiving.