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Nov 19, 2010 11:21 AM

Looking for Hungarian deli in Nova Scotia

Does such a thing exist? I live in Toronto, but would like to purchase a Christmas gift certificate for a friend who moved to the Peggy's Cove area about 2 years ago ... says the one thing she misses the most about Toronto is the Hungarian food and especially the deli near where we both used to live. I had made inquiries re sending an edible care package to her via courier, but their rules seem to prohibit sending anything remotely perishable (ie. pogocsa, dried sausages, toportyu)

It seems to indicate on Pete's Frootique website that they have a European deli but don't offer more information than that.


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  1. I think you might be out of luck. Best bet is to call Pete's Frootique, but it is my regular food-source, and I don't think they have what you want. BUT, they have awesome service, and will do all that they can, I am sure.

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      I agree with Canadagirl, out of luck. I'd send all but the perishables - ie dried sausages etc. - via courier as books and keep your fingers crossed. Maybe individual vacuum sealing might help. Middle European delis (aside from Brothers' market on Agricola) and restaurants in the city are sorely lacking. The only one might be Cafe Chianti downtown.

      There was a Hungarian lady who sold food at the old market but I haven't seen her since the market moved to the Seaport Market.

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        Cafe Chianti is owned by a Czech gentleman, and his mother is Hungarian. She makes the hungarian sausage (cabaj kobaz) for the resto, and has it smoked at Kel's Deli in Dartmouth. You can ask Kel's if they ever have any of Mrs. Wicha's sausages for sale. Other than that, going down to Chianti for the goulash might be it.

    2. Unfortunately this city is greatly lacking in anything resembling a European deli or restaurant in fact. You may want to contact the Halifax Seaport Market and ask them if one of the vendors sells Hungarian deli items. There is a vendor who sells European style cold cuts, frankfurts, etc, but I cannot remember their name - sorry! Good luck in your search and I fully understand your friend's pain!

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        HFXFoodie - It really is inexplicable that there is not a demand for at least one truly European deli in this city. There is a Dutch shop in New Minas, 100km away and another in Lawrencetown I hear but we need a deli here.

        Long ago there was D&R bakery where you could buy very good homemade light & dark rye breads & pumperknickel on Robie Street around where the Indian store was. Now there are no decent locally baked ryes. Sad.

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            D&R rye bread!! I had forgotten all about that long-lost brand. It was part of our Christmas tradition as a kid. We were not wealthy enough to normally buy deli groceries, but at Christmas my dad would go to Brothers on Agricola and come home with a massive supply of smoked meat, salami, sausages, smoked ham, etc, and several loaves of both light and dark G&R rye as his Christmas treat. Thanks for reminding me.

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              Good grief my father did exactly the same thing for Xmas eve! Sometimes he went to Astroff's on Dresden instead. I remember you had to get to the bakery early as they were either closed or sold out by 11 am. I still can smell that dark rye and long for it.

              You want a good laugh you should see Astroff's menu from the early 1960's, their restaurant later became The Tokay. If you know a way to post a jpg let me know, I've done it before on this site but don't see the necessary tools.

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                When you click "Reply", the box that opens up has an "attach photo" command below the text entry area. I would love to see Astroff's menu. My dad preferred Brothers because we lived in the north end, but his office was downtown so sometimes he would go to Astroffs as well. I remember being amazed one time when they were having a house party and splurged on some Astroffs sandwich trays -- I had no idea such things were available. To me back then, sandwiches were something you made, not something you brought in.

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                  Greg - Since the menu of Astroff's is off topic I will post under a new thread called Menu 1962.

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            There's a place on Chebucto Road called the European Pantry. I've driven past, but haven't been in, so don't know what they have... it's worth at least calling to check them out.