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Nov 19, 2010 09:55 AM

Looking for good food without breaking my bank.

Ok so I am looking around on Google for places I have eaten in the past and found one of them that is across from N.D., Cafe le Petit Pont (yes I know touristy as hell, but nice for my first time).
Has anyone been there lately? Debating on stoping there for lunch when I fly in next month.

Then I remembered another I went not to far away from there. We went as a tour group from Germany where we were stationed and had a dinner then night cruise. I sort of rememberd the location so I am going through street view down near the PAntheon, and bingo found it. But to my utter dismay it is the type of restaurant that does groups not individual...(throwing a kiddy fit now. Did not know it was that kind of place I just thought it was a place the tour group had a deal with. "Restaurant Groupe Paris 5e Bristrot la Montagne".
Was so nice that were we ate was down in what seem to be a cave, food and staff were very good.

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  1. Stand in line at le Comptoir du Relais.

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      le Comptoir du Relais? will look into it.

    2. If you'd like a quiet spot, good food for about €32 for 3 course, try La Ferrandaise in the 6th. It's across from the Luxemburg Gardens and not spectacular cooking but very nice for the price.

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        Will at that one as well, thank you.