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Grains of Paradise?

Does anyone know where I can get grains of paradise? I was just in a mini-discussion on John Besh's FB page and he said you can get it at local markets (heh, well, maybe in New Orleans, but...) and another person said she found it at a Whole Foods, but I think she lives in New Orleans as well. I haven't been able to find it at any Whole Foods, or any spice shop in the Boston area, for that matter. Has anyone seen it around?

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  1. A long time ago I bought some at Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge. You might check with them to make sure they still carry it before going there. If they don't have it, check with Christina's in Inman Square.

    Formaggio Kitchen
    244 Huron Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

    1. I know Penzey's does not carry it... just to save you some trouble. However, it's available on-line at the Savory Spice Shop:

      1. I'd be very surprised if you couldn't find it either at christinas or penzeys.

        I say the latter because I order mine from the penzey's offshoot company, the spice house.

        1. Modern Brewer/Homebrew Emporium on Mass ave in Cambridge should have them. Give them a call.

          1. I tried Formaggio's awhile back and couldn't find it among their spices. I also tried Cardullo's--no luck there, either. And no luck at Penzey's when I went awhile ago. I'll check Christina's and Modern Brewer, and if not, I may order it from Savory Spice Shop. Thanks, all!

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              LStaff is right, I didn't think about that. They definitely have GoP. IIRC they're more expensive there than food spice type shops, but not by a ton.

            2. I think I've seen them in the Harvest Coop's bulk spices section. Call to double-check though.

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              1. Christinas has it 100% just saw it a few days ago.

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                1. You might also try giving the Southend Food Emporium a call: http://www.south-end-boston.com/b3097...

                  1. I got some at either the Harvest food coop or Witches weeds in Salem, don't remember which.

                    They have it on the Artemesia (witches weeds) web site:


                    1. I got some at Harvest Coop in Central Sq a while ago - tasty in that Alton Brown apple pie recipe. And Harvest is good because you can get as much as you need; good for most spices, as they're all in bulk.

                      1. For future reference, you can get grains of paradise and other less common spices and blends from www.worldspice.com. They have a shop in Pike Place market in Seattle. I discovered these guys when looking for medieval spices (poudre fort, anyone?) and have found their quality to be very good. Of course, some of their stuff is so obscure, I'm not sure I would really know if it were bad!