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Nov 19, 2010 07:28 AM

Beer question

I am making a brisket with beer tonight. I found one can of Milwaukee's Best in the pantry (we're not beer drinkers.) This is such a dreadful beer, can I use it for cooking or would it be worthwhile to take a detour to the liquor store today?

Or, I could substitute merlot for the beer, right? Or a cab? I'd rather drink the merlot. ;)

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  1. I'd go for a better beer or the wine. Beef and wine love each other.

    1. My rule is to NEVER cook with anything you wouldn't drink on it's own.

      1. If that Old Milwaukee has been in the pantry a long time it's probably very much beyond it's peak and not good for much of anything but cooking. Using it with a bit of soy sauce, a splash of pineapple juice and a few herbs as a cooking medium for chicken, even using a cheap or outdated beer, is a good way to use up that sort of thing.
        No, you wouldn't substitute Merlot for the beer. The flavor profile you would get with the beer is not even close to what you'd get with the beer. Your could, of course, use Merlot in stead of beer but you should expect something quite different.
        Merlot is not as dry as Cabernet; again your flavor profile will differ when using either of these two (Merlot is often used to soften the Cabernet in blending wines) but either will do a nice job for you.
        I certainly subscribe to breadfan's rule of never cooking with anything you wouldn't drink. That even applies to olive oil :>}

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          I usually use a Cotes du Rhone for cooking(with meat) unless of course it is Boef Bourgogne or Coq AuVin then I use a good Pinot Noir.

        2. How about using it to make batter?

          1. Thanks everyone. I too, like cote du rhone. Yum. Unfortunately, I don't have any right now.

            I smelled the beer and it didn't smell worse than normal so I used it. At least now I used it up, so I have a reason to buy cote du rhone.