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Nov 19, 2010 06:27 AM

Lunch near Children's Museum in Cherry Hill

Heading there next month. Any recs on where to have lunch close by? We eat all cuisines. Prefer a non-chain.

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  1. Went a couple of weeks ago and if you don't mind a 10-15 minute drive, check out The Pop Shop in nearby Collingswood. Great place to bring kids.

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      Oh, I love the Pop Shop...I didn't realize it was close by! I've been to NJ a few dozen times to visit the in-laws but I don't know where things are in relation to each other.

    2. Saw your suggestion of the Pop Shop and gave it a try since we are at a hotel for the night nearby in Mt. Laurel. Such a cute place. Perfect for a fun night out with kids. The menu looks like a newspaper with tons of different choices. I had over 30 grilled cheese sandwhiches on the menu. I ordered the Bobby Flay grilled cheese sandwich from his Throw Down show and it was delicious. My daughter had mm pancakes with whipped cream and cherries that looked like a clown. Great cherry cokes too. Too full and my daughter was falling asleep for dessert but the menu was super fun. Their calendar of events was so cute. Superhero night, pj breakfasts, kids karaoke....such a clever restaurant and perfect for a fun night out with kids.

      1. Less than a quarter mile away from the Children's Museum is a small shopping center with a variety of food choices. It's at the intersection of Springdale and Greentree Rds. There is Pho Eden Vietnamese and Little Thai Kitchen in that shopping center. There is also a hoagie shop called The Boyz that is supposed to be good. It's maybe a one minute drive from the museum, if you want really close.

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          I'll give a thumbs up on both the Thai Kitchen and Pho Eden, but I wouldn't recommend the other Chinese/Vietnamese place in the same mall (Tao something). There's also Romanza at the same location, with OK pizza and v. good pastas.

          Thai Kitchen
          320 US Highway 206 N, Chester, NJ 07930