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Nov 19, 2010 05:15 AM

Lido Di Manhattan - Unexpectedly Good Meal in Manhattan Beach

The hostess/owner is charming and the décor is warm, but modern; with dark woods and interesting lighting (large pink balloon-like shades seemingly made from umbrellas).

Service is capable and quite friendly; also very attentive.

Bread is warm, and served with a small bowl of olive oil with chopped garlic, among other herbs.

Not knowing what a lamb tartine is, I ordered it. And it was delightful. It’s a piece of tender bread layered with arugula under perfectly grilled lamb tenderloin. On top are thinly sliced marinated onions and chunks of goat cheese. All these flavors and textures were perfectly complementary, from the bitterness of the arugula to the sour onion to the creamy cheese and umami of the lamb. And texturally, the bread was perfect, as it held its shape but was easy to cut. It also absorbed the lamb juice to make it even more flavorful. To balance it, the texture of the arugula gave it a light crunch, and the meatiness of the lamb gave it body. Altogether I was quite happy with this dish.

It came with a mountain of garlic fries and a small bowl of ketchup that they refilled without my even asking. These were also done perfectly.

My dining companion got the pasta with vodka sauce, and it also looked very good. I may try that next time.

All in all, this was an unexpected treat. I will be back for sure.

Lido di Manhattan
1550 Rosecrans (behind Houston’s)
Manhattan Beach
(310) 536-0730

Lido Di Manhattan Restaurant
1550 Rosecrans Avenue Suite G, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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  1. Was this before or after Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant Nightmares show visited this restaurant?

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    1. I've eaten here twice in the past few months, once by choice and once I was dragged their by other people. I was really unimpressed.

      The wine list came straight from a distributor with all uninteresting mass market brands.

      The service was at best disinterested and at worst just bad. I ordered a gin martini, and I got a vodka martini. It took about 10 minutes to flag someone down to replace it.

      Both times the service was very slow. Appetizers came out late followed very shortly with entrees. The next time, entrees were not all delivered at the same time.

      The menu is kind of interesting, but it also reads like a stereotype of all the current hot trends as interpreted by Macaroni Grill. Even so, the menu is too complicated for the skill level of the kitchen. The product tasted like it came for Sysco, not a farmer's market.

      Lido Di Manhattan Restaurant
      1550 Rosecrans Avenue Suite G, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

      1. I've eaten here before, but not recently, and always found it to be quite good. The Penne al Vodka especially was good.