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Suggestions for nice, quiet lunch place between Woodbury & Oxford, CT on Tuesday?

DW and I have to meet with our $ guy this Tuesday. He's buying lunch but we'd like a nice quiet place where we can look over papers and hear each other talk. Last time we went to Carmine Anthony's in Woodbury and that was ok. Carole Peck's is closed on Tuesday. He'll be coming from Oxford and we're not so familiar with places down that way. Any suggestions

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  1. Don't know how quite it will be but what about Maggie McFly's in Southbury.


    1. Carmen Anthony's was my first thought. How about Restaurant 121 at the Oxford Airport.? Located in a hanger next to the runway. Food is good. Fun watching jets take off and land.

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        The location is kind of bizarre, but we had a really good lunch at 121. The service was meh, but they were super busy. I'd definitely go back.

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          That sounds interesting. Has anyone tried the Brookside Inn for lunch?

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            Not in quite a while, but I think it's probably the same - pretty good Italian-ish food. Score a booth if you can, for extra privacy.

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              Have only been there for dinner. The food is kind of hit or miss. I usually get the Vodka Panne pasta which is good. I like the Olive Tree. It is definately quiet. Food is mostly Greek. Very nice atmosphere.

              Olive Tree Restaurant
              418 Heritage Vlg # D, Southbury, CT 06488

        2. I haven't been there in quite a while, but The Olive Tree in Southbury I think is a very nice lunch place. Quiet, pleasant setting. Menu tends to favor the local old folks as Heritage Village, but was well prepared.

          Olive Tree Restaurant
          418 Heritage Vlg # D, Southbury, CT 06488

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            I guess the plusses for Olive Tree are that it would be quiet and that we could get a $25 certificate for $2 from restaurant.com. Considering it's in the Village, everyone who eats there probably comes armed with their monthly certificates.

            121 sounds fun. Maggie's if anything like Middlebury, would be too noisy.

            Olive Tree Restaurant
            418 Heritage Vlg # D, Southbury, CT 06488

          2. Mammie's in Roxbury, Leo's or The Rathskellar in Southbury

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              Mamie's is closed on Tuesdays. Not a fan of Leo's, crowded, too casual.

              We have not been to the Rathskellar in quite a few years. Can you recommend it for really nice lunch now?

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                Rathkellar is hit or miss; a few items are excellent such as the chop salad ..a spinoff of Carmine Anthony's chop salad..and the crabcakes and chili.. the Asian salad is blah ...caesar with a topping is good ...there is also a salmon dish that is good....I would not call it a really nice lunch ..just a reasonable option..

            2. 121 at the airport is probably your best bet.

              It might be too casual for your meeting, but Hen of the Woods in Southbury is a little gem. Terrific homemade salads, soups and sandwiches.

              Sake in Southbury is a decent option.

              1. Today we did have our lunch meeting and wound up at the Brookside Inn in Oxford. This was the most convenient for the host and he said he liked it as well.

                We had never been there before. I had just thought it was a sort of bar/roadhouse, always pretty busy whenever we drove by in late afternoon. It was not terribly quiet, but we did get a corner booth with noone close by so we could chat comfortably.

                As one of the CHers has mentioned, the menu is basically Italian. There were about 7 or 8 luncheon specials listed, all under $10, all served with a cup of soup. Our friend had a ham and turkey panini (panino?) that came with fries and he seemed to enjoy.

                DW and I both had tilapia that was sauteed with olives, capers and diced tomato, and served over a pile of lightly sauteed fresh spinach. A little garlic but no glop and no starch, this was one of the best things I've had in a restaurant lately. catrn comments above that "it's hit or miss", but I think in restarants it's being lucky enough to order the right thing. A few weeks ago we went to a fancy place in W.Htfd (Bricco), and paid a fancy price for beef short ribs, and got what looked like a puddle of shredded meat in the bottom of a bowl. It's the luck of the draw, but on this, my first occassion, I hit the prize at the Brookside Inn.

                Brookside Inn Restaurant
                231 Oxford Rd, Oxford, CT 06478