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An Italian Gem , A True Find!

JHW Nov 19, 2010 03:13 AM

As I was buying wine at the Arlington Liquor Store I saw that a menu was displayed, and as I looked it over I realized that it was the real deal! The restaurant Bacco was next door in the shopping center across from Adams at 718 Duchess Turnpike. I had lunch and was bowled over. It's family owned. The owner is the chef, an Italian that has cooked primarily in Europe. Last night I took my wife and another couple so they could see. Everything is homemade. Homemade bread arrives with three different olive oil infusions and then treat yourself to a real Italian dinner. A real sophisticated Italian dinner in a soft candle lit space. I had last night the most delacate calamari and then homemade pasta with mussels, clams, shrimp, calamari. I wished I had tried the octopus or the chicken rolled with proscutto and mozzarella. By the way, as a gift from the chef we were given the freshest mozzarella that I have ever had in my life with red peppers, and prosciutto. Only one dessert was ordered and that one was phylo wrapped around molten chocolate. This is a true find, and I offer this to all the Chowhounds that have helped me in the past. Their telephone number is 845-454-1882. I have spent many pleasurable hours in Italy and this little restaurant brings back memories.

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    JHW RE: JHW Nov 19, 2010 03:32 AM

    It's in Poughkeepsie NOT Rochester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      bob gaj RE: JHW Nov 19, 2010 04:16 AM

      how does it compare to il barilotto / aroma osteria? i'm down the road from it, knew it opened a few weeks ago, but haven't been yet...

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        JHW RE: bob gaj Nov 19, 2010 04:58 AM

        Bob Gaj:
        It is a more intimate space, but I have not been to Aroma Osteria in such a long time that I do not trust my food comparison. Please try Bacco and tell me what you think.

        Aroma Osteria
        114 Old Post Rd, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

    2. r
      rrems RE: JHW Apr 15, 2011 08:15 PM

      Based on your recommendation, we tried it for lunch last week. Though the lunch menu is relatively simple, Italian-American, the food was very tasty. We had chicken parmesan and shrimp parmesan. I looked at the dinner menu and it is much more ambitious and interesting. If we lived closer I would definitely try it, but unfortunately we normally only get down to Poughkeepsie for occasional shopping trips. I would go back for lunch and for those who are in the area I would say dinner is definitely worth a try.

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