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Nov 18, 2010 08:00 PM

Authentic Shwarma!

Fil Fila Market, Restaurant and Grill was mentioned recently in the "Best Gyro" thread. Went today for a late lunch. Columbia Hts on Central about 3 blks north of the Theater on the right (East), just past Holiday. Had the beef and lamb shwarma platter. Along side they were cooking a chicken shwarma. I asked for a taste of the chix and they readily accomodated. Gringo lady behind the counter answered all my question, proudly proclaimed their meat as the best around. I guess I never had the "real" thing before. I love the standard gyro flavor, but today I discovered that the real stuff is not the mystery meat, ground up in your every day Mn gyro. First off, this stuff is real meat. They layer (in house) very thin slices of marinated beef, then lamb, onto the brazier spit. I mean this is real meat. The meat is sliced off just like your standard gyro, but the pieces show clearly the layering of the beef and lamb. It had incredible texture and flavor, almost the hint of a fine pot roast. A couple of middle eastern diners proclaimed that it was the best shwarma in the cities. I plan to return soon with my kids for the Mixed Grill Family Style: Chix and lamb shish, adana kebab, chx gyro and Kofta, w rice and sald (11$/person). Nice little attached market, check out the olives, great prices.

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  1. would love to hear about anything similar (shwarma-wise) in the area.

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      There are two places. One is not readily open all the time and is falling apart, so I won't even mention it. The other place is up the street a few blocks on 4921 Central Avenue NE, called Pyramids Cafe. They have an outstanding lamb shwarma. Although, last I heard, they stopped serving food altogether and focused mainly on hookah pipe smoking.

    2. Yeah, I mentioned it on the msp gyro thread. I thought it was great food. I'm glad others agree. If you love gyros/shwarma, then check out this place.

      1. thanks for the tip! i love having reasons to take a date night @ the heights :)! sounds delicious

        1. Heading there tomorrow for lunch. Can't wait to try it.

          1. Spelling correction per menu shawarma