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Nov 18, 2010 07:31 PM


Spending two weeks in Jerusalem in January and am looking for any special food/restaurants not to miss while there..Will have a car so can go anywhere. Thanks

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  1. Go to Max Brenner's. They have really good waffles, and there's a location right by Mamillah. And, of course, eat lots of falafel, shwarma, and such.

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      Sorry to not know but I am determined to learn ...what is Shwarma please?

      Thanks Midgee

    2. There's a new, country-style place called Majda located in the village of Ein Rafa near Jerusalem that's supposed to be good. Here's a review (you'll find it at the bottom of the article)

      Mitbach shel Rama is also good.

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        we're here now and would love to know about any good restaurants for dinner and great felafel, humus or sabbich places for lunch.

      2. I can't believe more people don't recommend 1868 in Jerusalem. It's expensive, but some of the best meat meals I've had in Jerusalem have come from there. Is it out of fashion or something?

        1. If you are still there:
          I would consider myself a "foodie". While there are great places all around the city, I can't stress enough the food/dining experience at the Machane Yehuda Market. The best grills in the city are on the streets surrounding the market and the falafel and schwarma stands in the market are some of the best in the city. Walk though the market with the idea of tasting everything you see that looks good. Save room for the great bakery items you will see and smell. If you can go on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning, you will get the full experience of this amazing market when everyone is there getting ready for Shabbat.

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            Hi David,
            Thanks for the reply. Have left Jerusalem but felt you should know that we got to Machane Yehuda Market and loved every minute. We ate at the fabulous Azure restaurant which surely has to go down as most bizarre restaurant setting amongst the cabbage leaves and the toilet block just next door. Food best we had in Jerusalem. Bought lots of the bakery goodies and just soaked up the atmosphere.
            Thanks again,