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Nov 18, 2010 06:22 PM

Carl's Jr. Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders..they look so good!

Anyone try them?
Do they really look like they do on the TV commercial...gosh, I hope so!
Served with an Asian sweet and sour dipping sauce.

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  1. I had a coupon for a free drink if you bought the three pack, they were all right almost too moist like they were injected with water, you can also get ranch dipping sauce. they were about 3/4 the size they showed on the commercial.

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    1. re: malibumike

      Agree with the too moist assessment. Almost mushy, I thought, and the breading wasn't anywhere near as crisp as it ought to have been - there were parts on mine that almost seemed uncooked. They're ok, but I'd not rush out for them. The only thing they have going for them is they obviously are real chicken tenders and not processed chopped/formed pieces. My partner loved them, though, and she's a chicken strip fiend, but not a foodie.

    2. Thanks to both of you for your reply!
      Maybe the ticket is asking for them well done..

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      1. re: Beach Chick

        Also, don't expect them to look even remotely like those you have seen on TV or in photographs. Fast Food places do not cheap out when paying for photography and good photographers.

      2. I just had a three piece, and holy crap the third was literally uncooked. Unfortunately I bit into it before I realized it (thanks to taste). Never again.

        1. too bad about the reviews, I really like their burgers so I guess I'll just stick with that.