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Nov 18, 2010 05:32 PM

I need to buy some CANE SYRUP in Pittsburgh--any help?

My Thanksgiving sweet potato recipe of choice is cajun-inspired and calls for Steen's Cane Syrup, or Lyle's Golden Syrup. I can't find either of these anywhere! Has anyone spotted anything like this in the area? Thanks!

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  1. I imagine you've tried Giant Eagle's Market District. That's the first place I'd look.

    Giant Eagle
    5550 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

    1. Williams Sonoma has pure cane syrup, although not the brands you mentioned. You may also find Monin cane sugar syrup at various places that sell coffee accountrement.

      1. I'm pretty sure the GE Market District has it - look in the British section of the International aisle.

        1. If you have a Wegman's, They carry Lyles. Bought some there today

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            We don't have a Wegman's in Pgh. Where do you live?

          2. If you haven't found it yet -- I just saw Lyle's Golden Syrup an hour ago in the Waterworks Giant Eagle in the international section, aisle 12, in the English food section under the Kosher sign (go figure). It's $4.99 for an 11 oz. bottle.