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Nov 18, 2010 05:23 PM

PIcky Eaters Traveling to the Los Cabos Area

I am getting married soon at a resort along the corridor. My fiancee and I ARE NOT picky eaters, but we do have quite a few members of the guest list who are. I need suggestions- no American chains please- for picky eaters. They are not huge fans of Mexican cuisine, but we would like to give them a quintessential Cabo experience.

This is what we are thinking as far as itinerary:

Day 1: Carnitas in San Jose after we arrive for lunch, The Hangman that night for dinner
Day 2: Somewhere in Cabo to eat dinner that night after sightseeing. We are contemplating going to Todos Santos that day, but it might be too far.
Day 3: Wedding at the resort
Day Four: Depart to return to the U.S.

As you can see, we are on a short time frame. Our guest really only have 1 full day of tourism in the area, so that's why I'm hesitant to make the trip to Todos Santos (even though the drive is beautiful).

What can't our first time Cabo guests miss?

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  1. Check out a company called TransCabo. You can visit (I think I got that right), great deals if you check out their discounts page. You buy vouchers ahead of time for all kinds of things - meals, tours, etc. and you get at least 35% off whatever you purchase, they also have a 50% off discount on some things.

    We used them on our trip 2 years ago and it was really great. We took a tour with TransCabo that took you all around the area - we did a glass bottom boat ride out to the arch (not to miss), went to the dolphin place - kind of cool, went to a glass blowing factory (bought a bunch of stuff for a great price and hubby got to blow glass), toured through the corridor with a stop or two to take pictures, went into San Jose (this is where we were staying) for a lunch stop then shopping at the vendors in the main square. No one else booked that day so we got a private tour, anywhere else they would have cancelled I am sure. They have lots of great tour options.

    Other things we did that we really enjoyed were: we drove a Jeep into and around the mountains and beaches for a couple of hours (a little pricey, but we used the vouchers and had a great time), we took a pirate ship sunset cruise - not to be missed (vouchers again and well worth it, I think I took 150 digital photos of the cruise).

    If your picky eaters like seafood, the shrimp tacos are extremely popular at a place called Tacos Gardenia (only open until 5), we loved their shrimp cocktail (not like an American shrimp cocktail - at least 20 fresh shrimp in a giant bowl with tomatoes, onions, and a bunch of other stuff, yumm! Gordo Lele's is probably the most recommended and highly talked about place on Trip Advisor - great prices, lots of variety of tacos, etc. and Javier (I think I am getting that right) will provide entertainment while you are there. It is located in downtown Cabo, not too hard to find, and an experience not to miss. Back to Tacos Gardenia, when we walked by the place I didn't even want to go in, it didn't look very nice to me, but hubby pressed so in we went, best shredded beef tacos I have ever had. They serve their tacos with a little selection of bowls with condiments like tomatoes, shredded cabbage, pico, etc. I can't wait to go back.

    Hope that helps, I am jealous, I can't wait to go back. I bet you will want to go back seeing as you are only able to go for four days, congratulations by the way on the impending nuptials!

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      I've posted a few times lately on Cabo..with photos.

      For carnitas, I'd recommend El Michoacano. They have a branch in San Jose, not far from the airport on the right side of the road. It comes up quickly. All they serve is pig and every part of it. Spanish not necessary; just point to your rib or shoulder, etc..:)

      I'm not real familiar with the hotel restaurants on the Corridor but for a nicer meal in CSL, check out La Fonda. Avoid most of the places along the marina.

      If you want a great seafood meal, try mariscos mazatlan in CSL.

      Second stampqueens's recs for Gardenia's and Lele's.

      Todos is definitely worth a trip if you can make the time.

      have fun and congratulations!

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        Let me know if you decide to come to Todos Santos and I will be happy to give some suggestions for dining and other pursuits.