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Nov 18, 2010 04:58 PM

Where to find salsify???

Hey all,
Making a dish for my folks when they get here in a few weeks and am looking for salsify. I know burdock is a similar texture, but not the same flavor... Anyone know where I can find a pound or two? Preferably down south... Thanks... Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. This might take a little research. The blogger who does Gastronomic Guesswork wrote a post last year about salsify ( He/she is writing anonymously and if there's a "contact me" on the blog, I haven't spotted it, but s/he is blogging from Denver. One comment on the post suggested the Whole Foods on Hampden & Tamarac, but that was in June and it might be a seasonal root vegetable. Another opition is to follow Gastronomic Guesswork on Twitter, and then send him/her a direct message asking where s/he bought it. Good luck.. Let us know what you discover.

    1. I live near / shop at WF Tamarac and haven't seen Salsify.. I don't think ever. No guarantees on that obviously. As this has become a "weed" in Denver it's worth asking if there's a resource that would know where it can be found wild and if so- is it something that can be harvested this late in the year? I know nothing about the plant other than it's the bulbs that we eat so maybe they are still okay?

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        Cooks Fine Market downtown was able to find some, unfortunately, it was after I needed it. I ended having to source it from West Star Farms in Madison WI. Whole Foods was unable to find it period...