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Nov 18, 2010 04:39 PM


Looking for Hound advice to help locate a ginormous size gobbler. I'm talking 28 - 30 pounds. I'm in the La Canada/Pasadena area so local is better. Preferably fresh, but frozen in OK...just need to start the thawing process ASAP. Thanks all.

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  1. Best to call the local stores to see if they have any on stock. That's pretty darned big, and I've not seen anything that large in any of my local stores.

    1. Have you tried Albertsons? Just ordered a 25lb one.

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      1. Costco. But you can't call and have them hold one. I saw at least three over 25 lbs at my local store (San Diego) on Wednesday.

        Last year I saw many that large at Detroit area Costcos.

        Article in paper this weekend stated that Costco will sell over 1M turkeys this year.

        1. Go to

          They're are excellent fresh turkeys with Toms up to 36+.

          But you've waited to long to order on the regular delivery this weekend. I believe they have a door-to-door service. You could start by calling the retailers in your area (see site list). Most order a few spares but in the more common sizes (Hens 16-24).

          A couple of questions - do you have a big enough roasting pan?, is your oven big enough? and will you be able to lift it out when it's done. If you can't find a big enough one consider cooking two smaller birds. Bear in mind that the carcass of two smaller birds weighs more than one big one. So the amount of meat in one 30# is probably equal to two 16 or 18# birds.

          Good luck and Happy Holidays!

          1. Have you considered roasting two smaller birds? Less risky. Just a thought. Good luck with big bird.

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              That is a consideration Baron and it's my default position if I don't find a 26 pounder or so.

              Thanks for the heads up RichardM, I have a roaster that can handle a big bird and plenty of help getting it in and out of the oven if needed.