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Nov 18, 2010 04:28 PM

Who was envious of my Dec. 4th class w/owner of Nonna Tata at Market Street?

I was so excited when I got a spot in this class, since it always sells out and I figured the class would be a great way to sample a variety of her food.

Well, I now have a conflict that day and can't make the class. Soooooo........would my fellow foodie like my spot?

Nonna Tata
1400 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104

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  1. It may have been me. The 4th is on a Sat, yes? What time of day and how much?

    1. I didn't respond to your original post but I am envious. If, for some reason, it doesn't work with CocoaNut, mark me down as interested. I'm happy to handle it offline with you if the spot is still available. Thanks.

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        Talked to CocoaNut this morning and she can't attend. The class in Saturday, December 4th and it is late afternoon/early evening.

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          You'll have to return to tell all!

        2. My email is in my profile. Please contact me as I'd also be interested if you can't find anyone.

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            sorry, air, but talked to denigodh last night and he is gping to the class.

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              Ah well, thought it was at least worth a shot, haha. Sounds like it'll be fun.

          2. I went to the class last night and need to give the report I owe Barbara and anyone else who's interested. First off, Donatella is great. She is very funny and engaging and was able to keep up a high level of energy for two straight hours. I was absolutely impressed with how enjoyable it was to watch her cook and entertain. The food was slightly lacking though I don't think that is representative of Nonna Tata (even though I have never been). I believe all of the ingredients they use are provided by Market Street which is definitely going to be a lower quality than what she normally cooks with. Especially with items such as Parmesan or Olive Oil. Also, I believe the employees at Market Street cook and do lots of the prep work for the dishes and while I'm sure they're capable chefs, I am even more sure that they are worse than the chefs in Donatella's kitchen. In the end, I had a great time and while I would not recommend the class for someone looking to eat a great meal or learn how to tackle some difficult cooking techniques, I would recommend her class to anyone looking for a fun evening.

            Nonna Tata
            1400 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104

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            1. re: demigodh

              Thanks for your report and your honest rec with reasons on future classes.

              As to difficult technique, I've eaten at NT a handful of times and honestly, from what I've seen on the menu ( and 2 orders specials), her techniques (other than pasta making) seem pretty simple and straightforward.

              As to the ingredients - I'm with you on betting that MS probably uses pretty base quality for their cooking demos. I was at the restaurant a couple of weeks ago and had a basic pasta with egg yolk, olive oil and parm. You could really taste the nuttiness of the parm!

              Thank you again for your honest assessment.

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                What did you eat? Was there plenty of wine?

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                  Thanks for the report! I'm happy that you enjoyed it, but I'm sorry that the quality of food was not there. I guess there truly is no substitute for dining at the restaurant itself. I didn't think there was anything "difficult" on the menu, but I always think that the quality of ingredients can be more important than "technique".

                  I feel bad that you were sort of my "guinea pig", since I've never been to a MS class before.

                2. ha, don't feel bad, I had a great time. Unfortunately, wine service as incredibly stingy. I'm not really a big wine drinker but everyone there was a little upset about it. They served a quarter glass of white wine for the Appetizer and Primi and a quarter glass of red wine for the Secondi. Even Donatella was asking them to serve us more wine but they would not. Here's the full menu + review (I don't have the print out next to me so some Italian names for dishes might be wrong or just not attempted):

                  Appetizer - Fried pizza dough balls sliced with a piece of salami or prosciutto in it (one of each). These were tasty.

                  Primi - Pasta Fagioli. A bean soup, made with a non traditional choice of pinto beans, and noodles. This was very good but unfortunately I made a huge pot of bean soup a week ago and have been eating it almost every day so I guess I was a little jaded on the soup before it was even served.

                  Braised Veal and Sausage with Mascarpone Mashed Potatoes - The veal was delicious. The potatoes, which she seemed very proud of, I thought were incredibly bland. They had more of a risotto texture and I was shocked at how little flavor it had considering I watched her put in a ton of mascarpone, parmesan and nutmeg. The nutmeg was an interesting touch, she said she and her family has always put a bit of nutmeg in their mashed potatoes.

                  Fried Pears and Apples with Ice Cream - This is the one dish that I was happy to see made and will try to replicate. She made a batter and then dipped apple and pear slices in it and fried them. Even though we had ones that were made earlier and kept in the oven, it was still crispy and delicious.