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Nov 18, 2010 03:28 PM

Driving through the SE on 95- any easy, must hit stops?

Hey all- we just booked a last minute cruise in Miami and I'm stoked- good news is we're road tripping it, medium news is we can't really deviate too far from the shortest route, which in this case is 95 the whole way.

This'll take us through Baltimore, Richmond, Savannah, Jacksonville, and countless other cities.

Are there any great southern places, BBQ, or other local specialties you'd advise we hit, that wouldn't require going further than, say, 15 mi from 95?

Nothing 5 star here, but everything else is fair game.

Thanks so much!!

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    1. Get off I 95 at Exit 161 at Woodbridge, VA on U. S. 1 toward Woodbridge, VA. Go 1.8 miles and take a right on Occoquan Road to Dixie Bones BBQ.

      Dixie Bones @ 13440 Occoquan Road, Woodbridge, VA. 703 - 492 - 7885.

      Get off I 95 at Exit 130 B at Fredericksburg, VA and go E on Highway 3 to Jefferson Davis Highway # 1. Take a left and go N to Allman's BBQ in front of Park and Shop shopping center. You will find good BBQ since 1954.

      Allman's BBQ @ 1299 Jeff Davis Highway, Fredericksburg, VA‎ 540 - 373 - 9881.

      Before you get to NC on I 95 at Exit 31 try Stony Creek Tastee Hut for good fried chicken or BBQ.

      Stony Creek Tastee Hut @ 12420 Blue Star Hwy., Stony Creek, VA. 434 - 246 - 2328.

      Take Exit 138 off I 95 at Rocky Mt., NC and go E on I 64 for 1 1/2 miles to Exit 466 and go S on N Winstead Ave. to Sunset Ave. Take a right and go to Gardner's BBQ. Gardner's has 3 locations in Rocky Mt., NC but this one on Sunset is the most convenient to I 95. You will pass a Hampton Inn on your right when you exit I 64 if you are planning to spend the night in Rocky Mt., NC.

      Hampton Inn @ 530 North Winstead Avenue, Rocky Mount, NC 252 - 937 - 6333.

      Gardner's Barbecue @ 3651 Sunset Avenue, Rocky Mount, NC 252 - 443 - 3996. I64/EXIT468A.

      Get off I 95 at Exit 90 just S of Smithfield, NC to your right and turn back N on Highway 301 and go about a mile to Holt Lake BBQ just past the Holt Lake Bridge for good BBQ, burgers, country and seafood. Check out White Swan BBQ just up the road if you have your doubts.

      Holt Lake BBQ & Seafood @ 3506 US Highway 301 S., Smithfield, NC 919 - 934 - 0148.
      White Swan BBQ @ 3198 South Brightleaf Blvd., Smithfield, NC 919 - 934 - 8913.

      For outstanding BBQ and country fried chicken get off I 95 at Exit 79 at Benson, NC and go W on E Main Street to N Fayetteville Street which is the first street to your right. Take a right and go N to E Church Street. Take a right and go to N Honeycutt Street. White Swan will be on your left.

      White Swan BBQ and Fried Chicken @ 105 N Honeycutt St, Benson, NC 919 - 894 - 4446.

      At Exit 73 in Dunn, NC get off I 95 going W on Cumberland go about a mile take a right on General Lee and next left on Broad for some fine fried chicken at Kim's. Don't let the name bother you. They sell a BBQ sandwich but 99% country food.

      Kim's BBQ House @ 900 W. Broad St., Dunn, NC. 910 - 892 - 7750.

      Heading S on I 95 at Exit 56 try Fuller's Old Fashioned BBQ at Fayetteville, NC. They sell a good burger and also a buffet lunch with fried chicken.

      Fuller's Old Fashioned BBQ @ 113 N. Eastern Blvd., Fayetteville, NC. 910 - 484 - 5109.

      Get off I 95 at Exit 20 in Lumberton, NC to the right then turn NW on Highway 201 which is N Roberts Ave. and go about half a mile to Fuller's BBQ for good road food.

      Fuller's Old Fashion BBQ @ 3201 N Roberts Ave., Lumberton, NC. 910 - 738 - 8694.

      For some fine country road food get off I 95 at Exit 2 at Rowland, NC and go W on # 130 which is Main St. to S Railroad. Take a left and go 2 blocks to The Pink Restaurant on Church St.

      Pink Restaurant @ 104 West Church St., Rowland, NC 910 - 422 - 0020.

      In SC get off I 95 at Exit 160 A going S and go E on # 20 less than a mile to Red Bone Alley in Florence Mall Shopping Center on Palmetto St. for a RBA Black and Bleu Burger or a Bubba Burger.

      Redbone Alley @ 1903 West Palmetto St., Florence, SC 843 - 673 - 0035.

      Get off I 95 in Summerton, SC at Exit # 108 and go N less than a mile to Church St. and good country cooking at Summerton Diner.

      Summerton Diner @ 32 Church St., Summerton, SC 803 - 485 - 6835.

      Get off I 95 at Exit 98 at Santee, SC and go W on Highway 6 to the 1st street on your left which is Britain. Turn left and go to Maurice's for good BBQ. Get off I 95 at Exit 98 and go W on Highway 6. Take a right on State Park Road and go to Lonestar BBQ for good southern food. Clark's Inn and Restaurant is also a fine place to spend the night and have breakfast, lunch or dinner.

      Maurice's Gourmet BBQ @ 263 Britain St, Santee, SC 803 - 854 - 3889.
      Lonestar BBQ @ 2212 State Park Rd., Santee, SC. 803 - 854 - 2000
      Clark's Inn and Restaurant @ 114 Bradford Boulevard, Santee, SC 803 - 854 - 2101.

      Get off I 95 at Exit 21 and have great pulled or chopped port at BBQ Grill. They also have BBQ ribs and chicken. I think it's better than Dukes.

      BBQ Grill @ 8084 East Main St., Ridgeland, SC 843 - 645 - 4414.
      Duke's BBQ @ 690 South Jacob Smart Blvd., Ridgeland, SC 843 - 726 - 6244.

      Get off I 95 at Exit 102 at Pooler. GA and go W on Highway 80 4/5 blocks to Don's Famous BBQ.

      Don's Famous BBQ @ 217 US Highway 80 E., Pooler, GA 912 - 748 - 8400.

      Get off I 95 at Exit 87 at Richmond Hill, GA and go W on Highway 17 half a mile to Smoking Pig BBQ next to the BP Station on N side of Highway 17. The ribs and chicken are excellent. This is probably your best stop for BBQ in GA.

      Smoking Pig BBQ @ 3986 U.S. 17, Richmond Hill, GA. 912 - 756 - 7850.

      Get off I 95 at Exit 76 at Midway, GA and go E on Highway 38 to Sunbury Rd. Take a left and go to Brigantine Dunmore Rd. Take a left and go to Sunbury Crab Co. which is open for dinner serving outstanding fresh seafood. This might be the best place you stop for the seafood is outstanding.

      Sunbury Crab Co. @ 539 Brigantine Dunmore Road Midway, GA 912 - 884 - 8640.

      Get off I 95 at Exit 49 to the right at Darien, GA and go NW on Highway 251 less than a mile to Smokey Joe's BBQ. It is between two hotels on the left and has excellent pulled pork.

      If you want the best fresh seafood on your trip get off I 95 at Exit 49 in Darien, GA to the right and go E on Highway 251 to Highway 17. Take a right on Highway 17 and go S for 1.2 miles. Turn right on Broad St. just before crossing the bridge. Go one block and take your first left on Screven St. and have some outstanding fresh seafood at Skipper's Fish Camp.

      Smokey Joe's BBQ @ State Hwy. 251, Darien, GA. 912 - 437 - 2555.
      Skipper's Fish Camp @ 85 Screven St., Darien, GA 912 - 437 - 3474.

      Get off I 95 at Exit 29 at Brunswick, GA and go W on Highway 82 about a mile to Gary Lee's Market for good road food.

      Gary Lee's Market @ 3636 U. S. Hwy. 82, Brunswick, GA. 912 - 265 - 1925.

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        Take a cooler with you and on your way back stop at Smiths Red & White Grocery close to rocky Mount, NC. They have the best link sausage anywhere. They also have good homemade chicken salad and pimento cheese. Ask for the air dried sausage.

        1. re: Littleman

          Dear Lord, I had forgotten all about Holt Lake BBQ in Smithfield, NC. I need to remember that one so I can add it to the "worst bbq I've ever eaten" category. Has to be one of the top 3 worst in the state of North Carolina.

          Without getting too complicated...I'll simply add McCabe's BBQ about 5 minutes off 95 in Manning, South Carolina.

          1. re: Littleman

            Littleman, thank you so much. We are doing this entire drive (~20 hours) in one fell swoop, so if you could only hit 2 or 3 of these places, which would you?

            Thanks again!

            1. re: BigBrother

              I've done that drive more than once. I'd pick Allmans, Pink House and, Sunbury Crab.

              1. re: BigBrother

                Stony Creek Tastee Hut @ 12420 Blue Star Hwy., Stony Creek, VA. 434 - 246 - 2328.
                Pink Restaurant @ 104 West Church St., Rowland, NC 910 - 422 - 0020.
                Sunbury Crab Co. @ 539 Brigantine Dunmore Road Midway, GA 912 - 884 - 8640.

                Sunbury Crab Co.
                541 Brigantine Dunmore Rd, Midway, GA 31320

              2. re: Littleman

                Dear Littleman,

                Based on a random sampling, your list is absolutely wonderful. Your suggestions were excellent. We had a splendid lunch at Skippers Fish Camp in Darien, Georgia (wow, fish and grits..). What a beautiful location on the water. I sure would like to know the architectural history of those nearby grey, warehouse like buildings with the enormous buttresses. And, thanks to you, we had a fine southern buffet dinner at Fuller's Old Fashioned BBQ in Lumberton. We even liked the Rocky Mount Hampton Inn you suggested.

                We thought about going to the Pink Restaurant in Rowland, NC, but their phone has been disconnected.

                Thanks so much, Littleman. You sure do know your way around the I95 corridor.

                1. re: EHBrown

                  I'm glad you enjoyed Skipper's. Fuller's is always great too. Pink may be closed. I have not been there recently. Have a safe trip and come back again soon. Good luck.

                  1. re: EHBrown

                    I'd also like to thank you! We hit Lone Star on the way down 95 and Fullers on the way back and both were great!

                  2. re: Littleman

                    Littleman you are a traveler's best friend !

                    Hit Little Pig's on my way south and Gary Lee's Market on my way back. Both were something special. Didn't go for the buffet lunch at LP's, but it looked crazy good (for $7.50!). BBQ pork sandwich with slaw was very good and they had the best hush puppies I've ever had. Gary Lee's ribs and brisket were unique and very very good. Great people at both places too.

                    Can't wait to try your suggestions of Smoking Pig BBQ and Skipper's Fish Camp in GA. With little gems like this around, I just shake my head when I see the cars turning into those chain restaurant porking lots.

                    To return the favor, add Barbecue King Drive-In just off I75 in Charlotte to your list (if it isn't there already). They have great BBQ and fried chicken. I also heard that Snappy Lunch in Mt Airy is a must stop too.

                    Thanks for the great advice. How on earth do you know so many good spots ?

                    1. re: PoppiYYZ

                      He has mastered the Upanishads.

                    2. re: Littleman

                      Whoa, did someone just recommend the Pink Restaurant in Rowland? Seriously??? Have you been there any time in say, the last 30 years? Because that's about how long it's been since that place was anywhere near good.

                      1. re: Littleman

                        I have seen many severe downhill reports on Allman's in Fredricksburg.

                        On the plus side, check out the Blue Boy Sandwich Shop, a small local chain in Jacksonville. The Norwood Avenue location is less than a mile off I-95.

                        Moore's BBQ in Kenly NC (a few miles south of Wilson, home of Parker's and Bill's), is at most a quarter mile off I-95. Eastern NC cue and fried chicken (same menu as at Parker's and Bill's, but much easier to get to and great if you're in a real hurry).

                      2. Callahan BBQ in Callahan, Fl. Right off of A1A when you are leaving 95. Also, there are AMAZING whoopie pies at the Inverness RV campgroung-I kid you not!

                        1. We just made the drive last week and stopped for dinner at Aix in Jacksonville. There is some road work going on so it took about five minutes off 95, otherwise it's probably two to three. They are open for lunch and dinner and the food is really delicious. Since we make the trip often, this is a real "find".

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