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Nov 18, 2010 03:21 PM

Wine dinners with vegetarian options??

I am looking for something fun and wine/food related to do with a friend but am unsure how flexible any of them are. I am pretty much a vegetarian and don't want to pay for an entire meal that I am not going to eat. I know that places like Sel de la Terre, Beacon Hill Bistro, and l'espalier all have wine dinners one night of the week. Can anyone let me know anything about those? Where else should I look for options?

Beacon Hill Bistro
25 Charles St, Boston, MA 02114

Sel de la Terre
774 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02199

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  1. I have not been to wine dinners at any of the places you mention. However, TW Food (Cambridge) and Ten Tables JP both do wine dinners on Tuesday nights and always have a vegetarian option.

    Ten Tables
    5 Craigie Circle, Cambridge, MA 02138

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    1. re: greenzebra

      Great to know. Have you been to either place for one of those dinners? I have never been to either one so want to know if it is worth it.

      1. re: lkmuller

        I have been to both TW Food and Ten Tables JP for their wine dinners. I enjoyed both very much, but I think I would give a slight edge to TW Food. I found their food to be a bit more adventurous and memorable than Ten Tables. Dishes at TW Food also tend to be on the richer and heavier side, IMO, which is either good or bad depending on what you are in the mood for, but I think works really well this time of year. But really I don't think you can go wrong with either one. TW Food at least posts menus in advance, and they both post the wine theme in advance.

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          I have tried the vegetarian chef's tasting menu at Ten Tables in Jamaica Plain, which I think is very good and one of the best 4-course meals I've had in Boston.

          Ten Tables
          597 Centre St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

      2. Upstairs on the Square frequently has wine-paired vegan dinners.

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        1. re: yarm

          Correction: they have 5 and 7 course vegetarian and vegan dinners 5 nights a week with optional wine pairings (as well as special events on that link).

        2. I second TW Food (or maybe third), great wine pairings and the food is delicious and not the usual stuff. Also, Pizzeria Posto outside Davis Sq offers wine flights with dinner. They have around 50 wines available by the glass, so you can experiment.

          Pizzeria Posto
          187 Elm St, Somerville, MA 02144