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Nov 18, 2010 03:19 PM

Blendtek blender for juices instead of juicer?

I'm considering buying a blendtek blender to make juices rather a juicer. Like the idea of getting the health benefits of the whole fruit or vegtable. What will happen though if I toss a few carrots and some apples in? Will it make a juice that is comparable tastewise to a juicer? Thanks!

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  1. Yes, only with more texture obviously. The pulp will be completely smooth but is still there. I love my VitaMix!

    1. No, although I second the kudos for the Vitamix. Real juice is a lot more concentrated and much more flavorful than what Vitamix calls "total juice." Blended fruit and ice will almost certainly require added sweetener to make it taste like anything and even then, the texture will be various degrees of pulpy depending on how much it's diluted. I prefer to get my fiber from smoothies and enjoy my juice fiber-free (juice is, after all, the liquid part of produce). If you want juice and think you'll keep up with juicing, get yourself a Champion or run Vita-pureed produce through a nut milk bag (lots of work).

      1. I'm also a VitaMix lover, but you might want to check out blenders that come with a steel mesh screen insert if you're truly looking for just juice. Here are some of the common ones in China, where practically every blender/mixer/thing comes with a juicer/soya option.

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          That's interesting! I have a dedicated soy milk maker (I like to make my own).