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Nov 18, 2010 02:52 PM

ISO Wire Cookie Cooling Rack in YYC

Large, say 15 X 25 inches or slightly larger., stainless preferred.

Any suggestions who to call?


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    1. How about a restaurant supply places such as Hendrix:

      Hendrix Calgary
      457 - 42 Avenue SE
      Calgary, AB T2G 1Y3
      Tel: 403-243-5539

      I believe what you are looking for is a cooling rack that fits a full sheet pan... it would mainly be restaurant supply places that carry it as the full sheet pans don't fit in most residential ovens.

      1. I have two beautiful racks I bought at Williams Sonoma. Fit a large sheet pan perfecty. I would also try (may be cheaper):
        Russell Food Equipment Ltd -
        5707 4 Street SE, Calgary, AB T2H 1K8
        (403) 253-1383
        Brown's Food Service Equipment Sales Ltd
        403 Riverfront Avenue Se, Calgary, AB T2G 0C2

        (403) 262-6009 Cash only

        1. I saw these cool fold-out ones at Superstore, they will fold out to that size.

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            Real Canadian Warehouse Club. There are two locations in Calgary. They cater primarily to restaurants and businesses. They carry a lot of restaurant supplies. Good prices too. Note though that they only take cash and debit.

            If you want a fun experience try BJ Restaurant Supply on Centre St. N. This place is chock-a-block with restaurant supply equipment. Fantastic prices. Their business targets the asian restaurants in the city. Fun place to poke around. You will find some interesting stuff for sure.

          2. Thanks to all for the suggestions. Now to make a few calls and visits.