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Nov 18, 2010 02:45 PM

Need a new Tex-Mex experience: what's your favorite in Houston?

What is your favorite Tex-Mex restaurant in Houston, and why? What do you order there? I judge a Tex-Mex place by its cheese enchiladas, chili gravy, flautas and chile rellenos, and of course, margaritas. I don't order fajitas. So I find comments like "Big Jose's has the best mexican food" to be not very helpful. I want details! You know you stick to the same few items at your favorite place! What are they?

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      They don't use bear meat in Mexican food.

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        Hmm, I don't know why this query posted twice, why it tagged bear meat (???) or how to delete the post. Sorry...

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          Littleman kids me about the bear meat because I have some and don't know what to do with it.

    2. El Tiempo. On Washington. Margarita's, chile con queso and the fajitas.

      1. I really wish the Chowhound team had closed this duplicate thread, instead of the one that had actual opinions on it. Or that the poster could delete. But in any event, I tried El Tiempo yesterday and have X'd it from my list for reasons posted in the El Tiempo location thread.

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          Yes, they deleted my post, I'll try and regroup tomorrow.

        2. I live in Montrose, and there are some good Mexican restaurants around here, but when I want a real gooey, cheesey Tex-Mex enchilada fix, I go to La Hacienda, way out west on Memorial, past Dairy Ashford. I love their Enchiladas Verdes, or the creamy Enchiladas Suizas, and their seafood enchiladas are also top notch. I think they usually come with charro beans, but I always get refried beans. I never get fajitas either, so I can't vouch for those. The enchiladas are the thing...

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          1. re: texmexgirl

            Thank you texmexgirl - La Hacienda is absolutely my favorite too. They are the real deal in Tex-Mex; i think they have been in that location for over 30 years. I always get one of the numbered plates (#3 or #6) - which include guacamole, a crispy beef taco and a cheese enchilada i think. The chili gravy is fabulous. I also recently tried their green pepper stuffed with beef - OMG everything good Tex-Mex should be.
            Also fond of Los Cucos in Memorial Park - they are slightly more Mexican and slightly less Tex-Mex.

            Los Cucos
            5831 Highway Blvd, Katy, TX 77494

            La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant
            14759 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77079

            1. re: texmexgirl

              Thanks for this. I have never been but it looks good. I like both Tex Mex and Mex Mex, actually, the latter more, but when I want Tex Mex I want Tex Mex. Too many supposed Tex Mex places seem to be ashamed of their specialty and serve more and more interior Mexican dishes as though they were Tex Mex.

              Lopez on Wilcrest at 59 in Stafford should; still be a good option. It was a favorite place of my parents when I took them out but now that they're gone I don't like to go and haven't been in several years.

              El Toro on Westheimer is another I want to try. They are part of family owned group; the original (I think) in Clute is the best Tex Mex in Brazosport and one of the best restaurants of any type in Bport but I haven't been in several years and I don't know how they'll stack up in Houston.

              El Toro
              7529 Bayway Dr, Baytown, TX 77520

            2. My favorite Tex-Mex is at Spanish Village on Almeda. Old school Tex-Mex as the restaurant has been around since, I think, the 50's. Wonderful cheese enchiladas with gravy, excellent refried beans and rice. Their margaritas are known as some of the best in Houston. To top it off you get a complimentary praline with a fresh strawberry on top.

              Spanish Village Restaurant
              4720 Almeda Rd, Houston, TX 77004

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              1. re: Lily Dale

                I love Spanish Village too. One year I asked my husband to take me there for our anniversary!

                We have a very good Tex-Mex restaurant here in Sugar Land, Lupita's. (It used to be called Pico de Gallo until someone somewhere made them cease and desist using that name. Nothing changed about the food, though.) The lady in the kitchen reportedly cooked at Ninfa's for many years (the one on Navigation, I assume). They make a delicious huge burrito full of fajita meat and refried beans, with queso on top. (Weight Watchers points? Don't ask.)