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Nov 18, 2010 02:40 PM

Hows Market Granada Hills is closing

The Hows Market in Granada Hills is going out of business. The North Hollywood store closed a number of months ago -- don't know if their other stores are closing as well. All canned goods are 20% off, and they have no fresh meat or produce. I understand they will close their doors as soon as the stock is gone. Sorry to see them go - I really liked their meat and fish departments.

Hows Market
11900 Balboa Blvd, Granada Hills, CA 91344

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  1. They also closed their Glendale store a few years ago. I also like their meat and fish sections. But I seem to see fewer and fewer customers shopping at the Pasadena location each time I go there. With all the new and expanding entries into the regional grocery business over the past few years, it' must to be tough to survive.

    1. That's really sad news. Also, I just went on their site and while it still shows the Granada Hills store, the Torrance store is gone. I wonder when that happened.

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      1. re: Bob Brooks

        The Torrance store just changed into a Super A market this week. My sister frequented that How's. About 2 weeks ago she went and noticed that the produce guys were gone. She talked to one of the cashiers who told her they were told the produce guys were replaced by workers from Super A (the new owners of this market) who had more seniority so they replaced the former How's produce guys. My sister find that hard to believe since the one new produce guy she talked to was "fairly young looking." Right now the cashiers and deli people are still the old How's workers, but she fears eventually they will be replaced. I think they may have had to take a drop in wages too. Not 100% sure , but I think she told me that too. My sister also noticed a lot of select grade meat now. That market used to have mostly choice and prime. She's not happy.

      2. I'm afraid the Pasadena store isn't long for this world, either. Per some of the employees, the store (the whole chain, apparently) is for sale. They have drastically reduced store hours and some staff has been let go. It's really a shame; I find HOWS to be far superior to the Ralph's/Von's/Albertson's troika, and I will be sad if I am forced to resort to one of those in its stead (or just give in and completely succumb to Whole Foods).

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        1. re: Jack Flash

          Jack, never totally succumb to WFM - Gelsons can still be an option, and many times at lesser prices, and better quality. Whether they are proximate to you is the issue.
          And don't forget that now that Bristol Farms is back in business with an expansionist owner, they may be coming to your neighborhood, in fact, maybe even to a former HOWS Market.

          1. re: carter

            and henry's seems to be up and coming. wouldn't be surprised to see them take over a how's space or two. looking forward to the la canada henry's which is supposed to open in 2010.

            1. re: chez cherie

              I thought Whole Foods bought Henry's some time ago?

                1. re: Jack Flash

                  Whole Foods picked up Wild Oats, while S&Final got Henry's.
                  But I have been really disappointed in the produce at Henry's, which seems identical to that at S&F, and that is not a good thing.
                  Henry's seems like a country store version of S&F, without the high racking system.

                  1. re: carter

                    Getting OT here, but further research revealed I wasn't completely mistaken: Henry's and Wild Oats had the same parent company, which WF acquired. WF then sold off the Henry's portion.

                    1. re: Jack Flash

                      The government forced them to spin it off, as a condition of the acquisition of W/Oats. In hindsight, WFM should not have acquired either one.

              1. re: carter

                I used to go to the Gelson's in the Paseo (and other ones when I lived in different neighborhoods), but I just got too fed up with the parking situation. Depending on what happens with HOWS, I may return.

                The South Pas Bristol Farms is also a parking/traffic quagmire with which I simply do not want to deal.

                But the thought had crossed my mind when I read about Bristol Farms' separation from Albertson's that, perhaps, the Pasadena HOWS would be a good candidate for expansion.

            2. Darn! I really liked that store. I wondered if something was up last time I was there.

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              1. re: LisaN

                I know they were hurting with three major grocery stores within a mile or so of each other (Vons, Albertson's, Ralphs) and Trader Joes. Now, Target sells more food and cheaper than all those stores. How's had the best meat hands down though and the friendliest staff.

                RIP Hows.

                1. re: granadafan

                  Recently, I took a look at the grocery section at my regular Target and noticed something rather disturbing: all of the beef they sell has additives. Fresh beef should not have "ingredients." Truly horrifying.

              2. I was reading in my local Malibu paper a few weeks ago that the Malibu Hows will also be closing.

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