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Nov 18, 2010 01:47 PM

Need Feedback re: Jackson Hole Dining Itinerary

I've spent some time scouring the archives and other travel boards and have come up with this tentative plan for an upcoming Jackson Hole, WY vacation.

Is there anyone out there with recent feedback on these places and/or favorite dish recommendations? Thanks!

Breakfast (complimentary at the hotel, so we'll eat in and save our dining dollars for other meals)

Lunch options:
- Couloir: wanted to try this for lunch, but it will not be open yet during our visit; I went ahead and listed it for anyone finding this thread in the future
- Backcountry Provisions for sandwiches
- Osteria (is this convenient for skiers taking a lunch break? It said Teton Village, but I wasn't sure if that means for sure it is on/near the ski mountain)
- Amangani lunch (heard this is a good view, but can't find a menu and reviews seem mixed)

Dinner options:
- Calico
- Trio
- Rendezvous Bistro
- Snake River Grill
- Peaks @ Four Seasons

- Atelier Ortega - international chocolatier

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  1. Looks like you have a pretty good itinerary planned. Just a few thoughts/suggestions:

    -Are you skiing during the whole trip and hoping that all lunch options are convenient to the mountain? If so, Osteria is definitely convenient, but BCP and Amangani are highly inconvenient. But maybe you are taking a day or two off. Another great and relatively inexpensive place to eat for soups and sandwiches that is convenient to skiing - Terra Cafe - also in Hotel Terra (where Osteria is); it's an order-at-the-counter kind of place. I also like lunch at the Peak in the Four Seasons - the veal meatloaf sandwich is amazing! It is also very convenient to skiing and the menu is totally different from at night, so I wouldn't worry if you are also eating dinner there.

    -The Amangani is an amazing hotel with amazing views. I can't remember if I've had lunch there, but I always enjoy dinner...even though the prices are pretty absurd. If you don't make it for lunch, you could get (somewhat inconvenient) pre-dinner cocktails.

    -Your dinner options look good. Calico is not necessarily my favorite, but their pizzas are pretty good. It looks like you are leaning towards American on all of your dinners. If you want to throw in something a little different, you might try Koshu, Blu, or Sudachi. And if you are going for something really special, the Wild Sage at the Rusty Parrot Lodge is always a favorite. But again, what you have looks great; just depends on what you are looking for.

    We've been getting pounded by snow, so the skiing should be great. Have a great trip! Let us know how it goes!

    Four Season's Restaurant
    350 N Main St, Kalispell, MT 59901

    1535-N E Butte Rd, Jackson, WY 83001

    PO Box 3766, Jackson, WY 83001

    Wild Sage
    175 N Jackson, Jackson, WY 83001

    3465 North Pines Way, Wilson, WY 83014

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      We had a great meal at the Rendevous Bistro last year. It was routinely recommended by everyone that we asked. It was very busy so reservations are a good idea.

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      1. Thanks to all for the feedback! We ended up not trying as many places as we had planned. One reason is we ended up at Osteria more times than I can count for both lunch and dinner. It was very convenient coming off the mountain while skiing, and we had consistently delicious meals. I especially enjoyed their soups made with homemade stocks. Other meals were at the Four Seasons (okay) and Snake River Grill (better than I expected since it has such a touristy reputation).