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Nov 18, 2010 12:16 PM

ISO Vietnamese Sandwich Shop in the South Bay

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good Vietnamese sandwich shop in and around the South Bay? I've seen various Chinese and Korean tea shops selling "Vietnamese-style" sandwiches in the area, but was hoping for a more authentic option. If there aren't any sandwich shops, what places sell a bánh mì??!

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  1. i wouldn't recommend the ones i've tried (saigon flavor and dough boy), but there are a bunch of places that have it on the menu (probably a bad sign):

    tapioca & pho
    blue lotus
    pho 99
    pho house
    cafe nho
    pho gardena

    hong long sandwich, the only banh mi shop in the area, closed a year ago. i missed out; it seems to have been completely decent.

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    1. re: raizans

      It doesn't even begin to approach OC, but at least Tapioca and Pho is Vietnamese run and owned. They do not make their own bread, and you don't get the long baguettes. The price runs in the mid $3 range. Grilled pork, grilled beef, house special, and a few others. Not bad, not out of this world.

      I was going to try pho gardena, but they were out of bread. They, too, do not make their own bread. I would be surprised if any of these places do. Now, if they got their bread from Guilianno's around the corner..........

      1. re: zruilong

        I've been reading that Tapioca and Pho uses mayo in their banh mi! =( Is that true? Vietnamese owned or not, I'd feel weird about a banh mi with mayo in it.

          1. re: zruilong

            Looks like the new name (T&P) brought along a clueless new owner/cook. Under the former owner, the baguettes (source unknown) used to be slender and crunchy like Lee's. Mayo - WTH?

            I've Never had a banh mi in Westminster or the SGV that didn't have a little sliced green chile on it. Also, banh mi are usually not 'meat intensive' like a good Italian sub. Must be catering to midwestern immigrants?

            Bread from Giulianos - wrong style. Please don't give them any more bad ideas!

          2. re: raizans

            But is Pho Hong Long still open? I really enjoy their pho

            Pho Hong Long
            15709 Crenshaw Blvd Ste A, Gardena, CA 90249