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Nov 18, 2010 10:49 AM

10 Arts... Is it all bad?

I have a reservation to go to 10 Arts in January with 4 friends. My friends are Chefs and foodies alike and was really jazzed to tell Philly foodies, but now I feel deflated after reading reviews. So, please tell me it's not all bad.

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  1. I had a great meal there last year. I'm a lttle fuzzy on the details (there have been a lot of meals between then and now), but I do remember I had a beef dish & my companion had a fish in brown butter that she raved over. I also recall a really good dessert--I think it was a riff on a peanut butter tastycake.

    1. It's not bad at all, in fact it's very good. It's just not quite good enough to warrant the very high prices they're charging. You could eat a la carte at Vetri for the same money.

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        I've eaten at Vetri twice and I do love it, but I wanted to try someplace new.

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          Right, I didn't mean to say that you should go to Vetri instead, obviously they're totally different places. I just meant that when I see a menu with apps approaching $20 and entrees upwards of $30 (there aren't many in the city), my expectations are very high, and 10 Arts didn't quite meet them. Vetri didn't either, but it came closer. 10 Arts was very good though, I'm sure you'll have a good meal.

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            We incorporated 10 Arts into the Philly sandwich tour article (in between Chickie's and Sampan, I believe) and found that their little tiny sandwiches are great. The fish burger is actually awesome as hell. I'd eat that lil guy every day.

      2. I've eaten there twice in the past year, mostly because I was staying at the hotel and it was convenient. I was very, very pleased with both meals, as was my dining companion. I don't know if I would seek it out again, but I wasn't floored by my meal at Le Bernardin either. It was excellent, but not memorable (which is how I gauge standout meals)..

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          Is 10 Arts seafood focused too? Haven't been, but I did go to Le Bernardin for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Excellent meal (lunch), but I'd still rate the food higher at our own Blackfish, which I think doesn't get nearly enough press here. Clearly much less formal (and less expensive), but the food is the best I've had in Philly so far, and the Tue/Sun night dinners are total bargains. Not to mention it is BYOB. If you want to try something different for your foodie friends, I can't recommend it enough. Still haven't been to Vetri, but it will have to be really sensational to match what I've had at Blackfish (not being BYOB is a big knock for me right out of the gate).

          Interestingly, Pierre Calmels from Bibou (which I also love) is guest chefing at Blackfish on Monday 11/29 (5 courses/$75)!

          By the way, scored a seat at the invitation-only kitchen table at Talula's Kitchen next month...really looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about...

        2. Stopped in yesterday late afternoon before dinner a few doors down. While I can not comment on the food I can tell you the ambience is quite nice and the service (our server) was excellent in her demeanor and attention to our large group. The drinks were IMHO excellent, a bit beyond the average cocktail price in CC. With the spectacular dome and expansive space one might think; how could it not be wonderful. However it is just that legacy that makes the introduction of interior design so important. With the exception of a few "interview chairs", you know the ones you get when interviewing for a job or loan that put you on the floor and below the all powerful one, the space is quite nice, comfortable and interestingly people-watching busy. I would expect an excellent dinner and a lovely evening, let us know. I will be dinning there near term, thanks.