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Nov 18, 2010 10:15 AM

ISO The best breakfast in Albany/Delmar and surrounding area

Hellllllloooooooooo Upstate New York!!!!! I am coming from Los Angeles to Delmar this Thanksgiving and am looking for the bomb breakfast near Delmar. In the past we have enjoyed that railcar by the capital and apple doughnuts and a couple of diners. Give me the inside scoop Hounds and I will be forever grateful. Thanks. Also, we don't mind driving to nearby towns, Saratoga Springs, Troy, etc...

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  1. Miss Albany Diners rocks for breakfast!!

    Miss Albany Diner
    893 Broadway, Albany, NY 12207

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      That might be 'that railcar by the capital' that orvthedog was referring to. I agree it rocks for breakfast, though. I'd also suggest Cafe Madison
      or brunch at New World Bistro Bar

      Cafe Madison
      1108 Madison Ave # 1, Albany, NY

      New World Bistro Bar
      300 Delaware Ave, Albany, NY

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        Second MAD:

        Mrs. Londons in Saratoga Springs for French pastries. Maybe The Jonesville Store (Northway exit 10) if you're looking for quaint:

        Lakeside is popular but they are only open until December.

      2. You can even try Indian Ladder Farms apple orchard they have a cafe that uses locally produced meats, cheeses, honey and of course produce from the orchard and the visit is a morning well spent if your looking for classic New England fall. Whom ever visiting should be able to get you there no problem.

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          Except that the original post is from a year ago...