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Nov 18, 2010 10:02 AM

Where to eat within walking distance of Jarvis & Wellesley

Looking for good food, with vegetarian options within walking distance (or a quick drive) from Jarvis & Wellesley . Teenagers with us, so bright & funky, but not too noisy! Maybe all you can eat sushi or good noodles or something of that ilk?

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  1. Rashnaa is on Wellesley just East of Parliament. Spicy, South Indian/Sri Lankan food. Plenty of veg options. Good dosas and kothu roti.

    307 Wellesley St E, Toronto, ON M4X1H2, CA

    1. I used to live at that intersection, your best bet is to head to the village. Maybe Ginger? If you venture over to yonge there are some sushi convayer belt places that aren't AYCE but are kind of fun.
      It's not that far of a drive to spadina and chinatown if that's what youre looking for, or up to bloor for that matter....

      1. I like Fire on the East Side which is about five mins north at 6 Gloucester Street. Veg option and a somewhat cool vibe.

        1. Though it's not sushi/noodles, how about Hair of the Dog?

          Hair Of The Dog
          425 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y2C3, CA

          1. Fire on the East Side is incredibly noisy. Hair of the Dog is dark. Both things the OP is attempting to avoid.

            Rashnaa seems to fit most requirements. Not funky, but whaddaya gonna do

            307 Wellesley St E, Toronto, ON M4X1H2, CA

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              I don't fine Fire on the East Side noise at all.