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Nov 18, 2010 09:32 AM

Looking for a recipe for See's or close to See's peanut brittle

I would love to make peanut brittle for holiday gifts along with my other candy regulars. Does anyone have a recipe similiar to See's peanut brittle? If I had to describe it, I'd say it was buttery and not the clear type and of course, loaded with peanuts. Thanks in advance.

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  1. According to poster, this recipe tastes like See's brittle.

    1. Did I ever tell ya about the time I killed a five pound box of See's chocolates in five days................

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      1. I think my Dad always used the Joy of Cooking Brittle recipe. It makes a very nice, tender brittle which everyone enjoys. Not too hard to execute either - I used to make it as "chemistry candy" many years ago in HS chem class.

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          Would you say that any nuts -- even roasted salted mixed nuts in a can -- could be used with this kind of a recipe? I sure like the idea of a "tender" brittle -- like the middles of Alond Roca. Is that technically toffee?

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            I've used the Joy of Cooking and I thought it was too brittle and not buttery enough. I did see the recipe listed above and I'm going to give it a whirl. And yes I can relate to enjoying the five pounder. Maybe this is I recipe I don't want to perfect!

            1. re: Cheesy Oysters

              As I recall its important to get the brittle out of the pan and spread while it is still foaming.

              Ive never had the see's brittle but I certainly love their toffee - much softer than a brittle. and certainly butterier than the Joy recipe..

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                I made it according to the recipe and it turned out quite well during the test run. I'll make it again and add more butter and peanuts. It was super easy in the microwave.

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                  jen kalb - You really must try the See's brittle, it really is special. I've got a bee in my bonnet to make peanut brittle this year, want to try this recipe.

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                    I'm all too familiar with the See's brittle. I just wanted to make something to give away as holiday gifts.

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                      FWIW I was curious enough to order a box of the See's brittle for my mother this Christmas based on this discussion. She made a batch from my dad's recipe (the same as Joy, basically). Mom was not even interested in the See's and gave it back to me. So, I was able to sample side by side... I thought the classic recipe (Joy) was much better as peanut brittle - a clean tender peanutty sweet. My dad's note is not to pull if you want to maintain the tenderness (created I think by the soda added at the end). The See's was more like toffee with peanuts in it. I like toffee better in general than peanut brittle as a general rule - but I didnt like this hybrid product as well as either of the alternatives. I think a little extra butter added to the classic recipe would increase the butteriness without changing the nature of the sweet. The Sees was actually a bit greasy (not a good thing) whereas the classic was shiny.

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                        It would be fun to do a side-by-side test. I remember the See's as being quite tender, I wonder if you got a bum box (sent some to customers this Christmas and they went crazy about it, one woman saying that when the main part was gone she grabbed the box and tipped the bits into her mouth - this from a normally decorous Southern lady). I like the idea of not pulling it to keep the tenderness in the homemade, good point.

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                          the see's was very tender. It just tasted like toffee with peanuts in it and had a muddy/greasy rather than shiny look, for me neither fish nor fowl. Maybe the high butter content is why toffee is so often enrobed in chocolate? I am not a big candy eater, by the way but I guess I have an ancestral standard I am upholding for this brittle!

                          1. re: jen kalb

                            If you have a beau idéal I can see the See's not measuring up.