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Nov 18, 2010 09:17 AM

"killing time" in Chappaqua; food stores worth visiting?

In the next week or two I'll probably have a half hour or so to kill near Chappaqua while waiting for my daughter to do a college interview. Any nice cheese/other gourmet/etc. shops worth stopping in to? I live near Peekskill so what I currently have in that vein is Zeytinia in Croton and Turcos in Yorktown.

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  1. Susan Lawrence in downtown Chappaqua has great prepared foods, pricey but fun to look at and tasty. Mt.Kisco Smokehouse has some good cheeses and smoked fish.

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    1. re: apples

      smoked fish-- right up my alley! thanks

    2. If youre gonna go to Mt. Kisco for the smoked fish, you have to check out La Tulipe, which has amazing breakfast pastries and cookies. Also fun to look at and the people there are so nice!

      You can have Ethiopian at Lalibela or a great sushi lunch special at Neo!

        1. The Table Local Market in Bedford Hills has a great selection of local produce, cheeses and meets. Here is their site:

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            Thank you for posting this! I knew there was a place like this I wanted to try in Bedford but I couldn't remember the name.