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Nov 18, 2010 06:53 AM

Dining within 15/20 minutes of Orlando Airport

We will be arriving late Friday evening to Orlando, and will probably dine in the Hyatt. We would like something more upscale for Saturday evening (but still within relative close proximity). I have been places like Maison & Jardin, Victoria & Alberts, but A) Do not want to have to have a jacket and B) Do not want a long drive back to the Hyatt Airport. I am not extremely concerned about the budget, so anything is fair game. Can anyone provide some good suggestions? Thank you.

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  1. Buy a jacket and go to Normans at the Ritz. :P

    Funny this would be the second time I suggest California Grill. It's at the contemporary at disney Google maps is saying 21 minute drive best case scenario.

    but their dress code is a lot more casual than Normans

    The Ravenous Pig is 25 minutes away - It's a gastropub so no need for a jacket.

    California Grill
    Disneys Contemporary Resort, Orlando, FL 32830

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    1. re: Sandwich_Sister

      Thank you...I think we will do the Ritz...Open Table says "casual dress" but will I be out of place without a jacket? Fortunately (or unfortunately) I own 20 jackets already...I just did not want to carry one.

      1. re: winefuhrer

        Okay you should be fine for Normans then, I couldn't find the dress code and vaguely remember some people will be more dressed up than others.

        1. re: Sandwich_Sister

          I am usually in the "more dressed" crowd, so I will suck it up and wear my jacket...and probably a tie. Thank you for your help.

      2. I have had a couple great meals at the Hyatt at the airport, at Hemisphere, albeit it was a few years back. Is that place still open? great view, good grub, amazing calamari (of all things)

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        1. re: askdrtodd

          Hemisphere is open (although closing down this week for dinners for Thanksgiving). We did breakfast there and it was fine...nothing exceptional. They do serve $3 Mimosas (at least on Sundays, so the wife and I had had roughly $20 worth of Mimosas. I told her we may just fly from NC on Sunday mornings to drink Mimosas and then fly home.

          We did end up at Norman's Saturday evening...the food was good. I am not a garlic-y mashed potato fan, so did not like those (they accompanied a well prepared yellowtail). The ceviche was very good and we had a delicious bottle of Sancerre. The space (as in most Ritz Carlton hotels) is beautiful.

          I took a jacket, and wore it. There were people in jeans and un-tucked shirts (so I was a little jealous) but I felt better in my jacket.

          1. re: winefuhrer

            I'm glad you enjoyed it. I know the dress code varies due to our tourism here. I wonder if it depends on the night you go or year. I was just talking to a friend that said she was all dressed up and was annoyed that others were not, felt it ruined the atmosphere a bit. but when I went it seemed like a mostly dressy crowd with a few office casual types and only one person I saw was in dark denim with a nice shirt.

            So one can never tell.

            1. re: Sandwich_Sister

              It is the same thing in California...and people dressed "down" can (like it or not) impact an experience. In my opinion, when you pay premium prices you are paying for the atmosphere as well...but restaurants are in a more vulnerable position now than 5 years ago...some places are just happy to have warm butts in the seats. I can see both sides of it and I TRY to more attention to my food, wine, and wife than what others are wearing (although this does not always happen). We just returned from NYC and did Daniel (and not everyone there was "dressed" either...)