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Nov 18, 2010 06:27 AM

Thanksgiving in Baton Rouge or Lafayette

We are going to be on a road trip and depending upon how far we go we will be in either Baton Rouge or Lafayette on turkey day. Does anyone know of any places that will be open? It does not have to be traditional thanksgiving fare infact local cusine is better. We are a family of four and love great food and are not fancy. Any help would be most appreciated. Thankyou.

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  1. I will be in Baton rouge for Thanksgiving and will make inquiries of my hosts and post back. Also, I will check with The World's Greatest Connass Cook , who is in Lafayette, and see if he can tell me anything about that glorious part of the world

    1. A lot of restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving Day so your choices are going to be limited. Your best bets are going to be either hotel restaurants or one of the two casinos. My personal preference is the Belle of Baton Rouge because I like dining in the atrium. They usually have entertainment as well. Expect it to be buffet style with limited menu selections. Enjoy your trip!

      BTW, there is also a hotel, formerly a Sheraton, affiliated with the Belle. It's right downtown within walking distance of most of the attractions. Reviews on the hotel are mixed so take your chances.

      1. Well, I do know that The Bulldog in B.R. is open but that's not much for food. All the Chimes outfits are closed as are The Major Places


          john folse's white oak plantation is having a lunch. he is one of our top chefs.
          if you want something less expensive, Copelands on Essen lane will be open......