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Nov 18, 2010 06:22 AM

Anyone have an amazing stuffing recipe that's not too complicated?

My mother is Italian and an amazing cook. She always did a wonderful job with Thanksgiving, but stuffing was definitely her weak link. So we've never been a big stuffing family. As a result, I've never really understood the passion for stuffing. But I suspect it's like massages -- if you don't love them, it's because you've never had a good one. I'm hosting thankgiving this year and I'd love to try to make a real stuffing that makes people understand the passion surrounding stuffing. If possible, it would be great if it were crock pot based or something otherwise low key, since my teeny galley kitchen will be on full tilt all day. Any ideas?

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  1. I have always had good reviews of Paula Deen's recipe (link below):

    I don't include the rice and do not make the gravy

    1. Tons of great ideas in this thread:

      I'm partial to my own recipe (of course!) but it's pretty involved. The recipe is on that link if you're interested!

      1. I always get rave reviews for my stuffing, simple as it is, maybe because it is so buttery – which makes a nice basting liquid for the turkey. Years ago I started with the basic stuffing recipe from my Joy of Cooking, then I modified it myself as the years went on. I make the stuffing the next before, season it, and store it in a plastic bag in the fridge overnight to let the spices flavor all that bread.

        Ingredients: a couple stalks of celery - diced, a good size onion - diced, a carrot or two – shredded or diced, 5 or 6 cups of bread crumbs (I usually just chunk up a loaf of bread myself), salt, pepper, poultry seasoning (or your own mix), 1 cup or so of melted butter. Sometimes I include chopped up smoked mussels or oysters (not my favourite but the family really likes it that way).

        Put everything together in a large plastic bag (I have even used a shopping bag from the grocery store) and toss well. Store in fridge overnight. In the morning, stuff the turkey starting with the main cavity. Put a couple of handfuls of stuffing inside, then pour in some melted butter. Add more stuffing, pushing down what is already in there, and pour in more butter. Repeat until this cavity is full (it should be quite oozy with butter). You can stuff any remaining stuffing the cavity on the other end of the turkey.

        I have cooked this two different ways: I have sewn the openings closed and I have left them both open (just folded the skin flap over the back cavity) and both ways cook just fine. I have never tried to cook the stuffing outside of the turkey in its own pan, however, my mother has and it seems just fine.