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Nov 18, 2010 05:37 AM

Budapest Coffee House

Hi -

I will be in Budapest for 2 days. What coffee houses do you recommend? Gerbauds sounds touristy, but is it somewhere I need to try? My hotel is in VĂ¡ci utca. Anything close by?

Thank you!

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  1. Hmm, I didn't go to Gerbaud's either. I chose Central Kavehaz & my friends who live in Budapest said it was a good choice, it looks like a warm woody bar & has Hungarian food, the rich kind umm, so its not just a cofffe & cake place . So I'd recommend it.
    I didn't go to Auguszt, but it looks like a ladylike coffee & cake place. These are both near you in Vaci Utca. I'd also recommend trying the Thermal Baths. Gellert was Bliss!

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        glad to help. I was just back & stayed with hungarian/italian friends so if I didn't go there I know about it.....

        1. re: Rory

          Auguszt has the best pastry in the city center, in a very traditional pre-war sense (also quite good modern options) ... now in a rather upmarket setting, but still basically a local place; the Jeg Bufe is a bizarre and wonderful experience, mostly take-out, very socialist era, great post-war pastry

          The Cafe Central is more of a restaurant that a coffee house these days, though one can have very good pastry there (i think they are outsourced by the Cafe Europa), but a more local place, very near, and quite wonderful is the cafe Alibi ... hard to find a warmer or better place for lunch, at Egyetem (University) ter, just across from the law school