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Nov 18, 2010 05:11 AM

Remodel: Need appliance suggestions

Im moving and getting a total kitchen renovation and need help deciding on appliances to buy. Keeping in mind shabbat modes and other kosher requirements has me quite confused.

I came up with some possibilities but I am very open to other suggestions. I am in middle America and I cant demo many of the products in my area so my research is limited.

For the double oven: I think I will go with the GE Monogram because it has dials for temp control and you can leave the racks in for self cleaning.

Dishwashers: I hate washing dishes so I am getting a 2 draw FP for dairy/parve and a full size one (I havent even thought about brand yet) for meat. I currently own a FP 2 drawer and I like it, but its older - are there newer doubledrawers worth looking at?

Stove top is a big question for me... I planned for a 36inch stove top. I hear great things about the Blue Star, while I can order from here, no one has one on display. My biggest worry is the ignition and using it on YomTovs. I looked at the wolf and like it bec I can disconnect the electricity and it will still work so I dont have to worry about using more flames on YT, but I liked what I read about bluestar here on Chowhound and just want to know if anyone has that have they had any issue with the the ignition on Yomtov.
This part of me is wondering about going the cheaper 2 regular ranges option. But I really like the high BTU/low simmer I have have only seen in higher end models.

Lastly the Fridge: I want a freestanding, french door 36". It seems that very few are star-k certified, an not many seem to have shabbat modes - Any suggestion - again i dont have every model available to look at so I need to rely on suggestions from people from bigger cities.

Thanks so much for reading through this and any advice is much appreciated!

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  1. Think about your dish usage before going with a 2 drawer and a full size. Do you really have that many parve dishes? If I had space for two dishwashers I think I would go with a full meat and a full dairy. I just don't see using enough parve dishes to justify sacrificing the dairy space that would be used so much more often.

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    1. re: avitrek

      Actually I use parve more than dairy - I have a son allergic to dairy so its mostly for breakfast bowls and coffee mugs for the rest of us. I use parve a lot more for baking and making side dishes.

    2. Best addition to our remodeled kitchen was the addition of a pot filler, and a little small cabinet for our blech.

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      1. re: azcohen

        Can you describe your blech cabinet? is it a larger version of a cookie sheet holder, or did you think of some other way of storing it?

        1. re: JudithC

          I guess it is a like a cookie sheet holder. We just had a little gap between the under the sink cabinet and the corner cabinet, and we figured, hey why not but a little door there and we can store the blechs there.

          Also, we have one of the Star K approved ranges. Sadly at the moment I do not remember which, but it has a digital pad for the oven, which my wife refuses to use on yontiff, so basically its just a big hot box which does not shut off.

          My recommendation is to get one without digital buttons and the like.

        2. re: azcohen

          GE, Kenmore and Kitchen Aid all make good drawer dishwashers now.

          1. re: azcohen

            I'll second the potfiller, I did not get a real one (too much $$) but we positioned the sink faucet so that when I pull it out it can reach one of the burners.

            I have nothing else to add to the conversation, I do not keep a burner on over YT (just a hang up about open flames)...everything I make I rewarm in the oven ....even soup.

            But even if I were to use a flame, I would just push the knob in and turn quickly all to a low flame setting and then ignite with a match..than should bypass the electric igniter.

            Fridge....I unscrewed the light bulb years ago (or are you talking about the Shabbos mode so that when the doors are open it does not trigger the motor)

            Good luck & have fun

            1. re: vallevin

              i had fisher paykel double drawers and hated them. They leaked out and even started playing music. when we told the company they said it was impossible that it happened. It took the repair guy 4 visits to fix them. we love our bosch ones and really like our GE cafe ovens. it has a bottom drawer that is temperature controlled so when the power went out on yom tov, we could still cook. I would look at consumer reports for unbiased reviews

          2. in any event you should check out the Star-k website for any info on Appliances having to do with Yomtov/Shabbos

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            1. re: berel

              I have, but I am really disenchanted with them. They dont really certify many refrigerators. They also dont specify whether the sabbath mode on the ovens are useful or not. ie the slew controls are so hard to use on YT and there are some that one are available on one oven, or that the temp had to be the same on both. They are also confusing regarding quartz countertops. One page says they are not kasherable and another says AYLOR.

              1. re: JudithC

                Blumenkranz says that Silestone and Zodiac (quartz w/ polymer) is kasherable. ...nothing about pure quartz.

                1. re: vallevin

                  These countertops contain plastic and resin components. If they were used previously for non-kosher, or for use on Passover, one should consult a Rabbinic authority.

                  ------------but stark K policy is on another page and-------------
                  Zodiaq Quartz Surfaces®, Formica, Silestone - Star-K policy does not allow kashering of plastic or materials with plastic components.

                  1. re: JudithC

                    I'm not sure that I see so much of a contradiction here, though it's interesting that they list both. There are a number of rabbis out there (though it's more common in Israel than America) who permit kashering plastic, but the Star-k does not. The first line suggests that you should consult your rabbi; the latter says that the Star-k doesn't allow kashering (but presumably if your local rabbi says differently, you should go with them).

            2. I did Kitchenaid everything.

              I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Shabbat mode double oven and the Shabbat mode French-door fridge.

              I am disappointed with the 2 drawer dishwasher because the drawers are too small. (I only had room for 1 dishwasher.) There is a Shabbat mode that allows you to put dishes into the dishwasher on Shabbat without any lights or beeping. Note that the Clean Dishes indicator light will not be affected, so make sure you have that go out before Shabbat.

              The gas cooktop has no Shabbat mode but I would avoid it because the grates have little rubber feet that came off when I kashered them for Pesach and I can't find replacement feet.

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              1. re: SoCal Mother

                Thank you for that review. I had that same problem with my dacor oven, the rubber feet burned to a crisp and the grates became discolored (which I dont mind)

                Do you kasher the double oven with the grates in?

                Which modle fridge do you have, does the sab mode turn off the lights, I check one of the user guides and that model didnt... If they are reg bulbs I dont mind unscrewing them, but the new ones are harder to disable and the led ones are impossible I think. I guess I have to look through every type they have..

                1. re: JudithC

                  Perhaps you should speak with a representative of one of the Jewish run appliance stores...there's one in Bergen County, Yudins, or Drimmers in Brooklyn. I'm sure they can help you with all of your questions. I forget the name of the one in Lakewood....anybody?

                    1. re: berel

                      But I feel bad using their service, since I will not be buying from them.

                      1. re: JudithC

                        if you explain to them you're located in middle America I'm sure they'd still be glad to help you as you might someday recommend them to someone in the NY/NJ area. As long as you're up front with them it's not Ganavis Daas

                  1. re: JudithC

                    I kashered the oven with the grates in. The problem I had with the feet rubber was when I put the grates for the gas cooktop into the self-cleaning oven to kasher them. Our ovens and cooktop are separate appliances.

                    My fridge is a Kitchenaid KFCS22EVMSO. The Sabbath mode button turns off the fridge and freezer lights, the water dispenser, the digital thermometer readout and the beep that occurs when you leave the door open too long. The icemaker continues to make ice.

                    I understand that earlier models forgot about that beep. I bought it in the fall of 2009.