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Nov 18, 2010 12:21 AM

Fresh lobster in EDMONTON

Where is the best place to buy good fresh whole lobster in Edmonton?? A good price would be nice to but I'm more concerned about quality here.

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  1. PyariA:

    It has been quite some time since the last time I purchased live lobster locally.

    When I have been to "lobster feeds" of late the host has usually obtained them with the assistance of the Clearwater Lobster folks out of Nova Scotia and has had them shipped via airline freight.

    That having been said you do see them at many if not all major Sobey's locations, T & T and other, primarily asian, fish markets so they certainly can be found but I cannot personally "vouch" for their quality, i.e. length of time in a pound or tank rather than the ocean, etc.

    In years gone by I have usually bought them as well as my malpeque oysters from Billingsgate on the southside as you will be interested in a place that has a better "turnover" than others.

    Good luck.

    1. I usually buy my live lobster at Billingsgate - main reason is they purchase from a sustainable supplier. You should not receive a female lobster from them. Their prices are up and down, got some earlier this year for $8.99 lb for 2lb and up lobsters. You can buy decent lobster from Superstore, I don't think it is very fresh - they don't seem to have a high turnover, and it is not sustainably caught. T and T sells good size lobster usually $1 or so cheaper than Superstore, and they definitely have a high turnover of product, however, again it is not sustainably caught so you will end up with females. (this is a personal issue, nothing against other people eating female lobsters - I just won't, my granddad was a lobsterman and he would put the females back) Enjoy your lobster, I am jealous.

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        Thank you for the info...I had not heard of the concept of "sustainable catch' when it related to lobster...mind you I love the coral and it is a prize to have that bright red roe

        1. re: Bob Mac

          A lot of people love it, I have never eaten it, simply on my own principles. My granddad believed that if he put the females back it meant more to catch later, and I can sure see his point when you open up a lobster and see thousands of eggs in there that could have one day become great big lobsters! By the way Clearwater is a sustainable outfit with all their products, great info on their website about sustainable fishing practices!

          1. re: nsstampqueen

            I'm from Halifax and Clearwater is definitely one of the suppliers out there. My family and I have bought from them for years and usually get a decent product. If you don't mind the cost of mail order, you can also try Fisherman's Market. Also getting them in season will give you a better product. I just bought some back (via air) at the end of October and they were just starting to molt their shells. The meat was still ok, but the second semi hard shell is a little strange looking. Best lobster should be in around Christmas. Fresh with full meat.

            1. re: Office Broccoli

              Thanks for all the info.

              I will check out both Fisherman's Market and Billingsgate. I knew a regular grocery store probably wouldn't have the freshest lobster because frankly I've never seen anyone buy them.

              Is there a taste difference between male and female lobster?? I've never cooked lobster myself before and the only thing my boyfriend asked for his birthday was that I make a lobster dinner. This is why I want to make sure I get the best.

              Also if you have an cooking suggestions or good dips to go along with lobster I would really appreciate that. There's quite a bit of info on the internet so it gets a bit confusing.

              1. re: PyariA

                I would suggest that you repost on the home cooking board, you will get a lot of suggestions for your lobster dinner. you can even post on the wine board for the perfect wine pairing :) enjoy your dinner!!

      2. For a big lobster feast earlier this year, we pre-ordered from Finn's in Sherwood Park. I would definitely recommend them - very helpful in picking out and packing up our 10 lobsters. Much cheaper than ordering from Clearwater, though I am sure they also have a good product.