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Nov 17, 2010 08:36 PM

Cruffs - House of Cream Puffs

I've checked their website once in a while and it seems as though their retail location is open.

Looks interesting, very single SKU which works for cupcakes, maybe macarons, but cream puffs?

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  1. Dropped into Cruffs the other day. They have been open for a short while now. You select from a menu of different flavored creams and from a stainless steel container (resembles the ketchup dispensers at the Saddledome) they push the cream into the puff. I tried the vanilla cream. Flavor was very nice. I think it was $2.75 for a cream puff. Keep in mind that these aren't the large puffs from your childhood.

      1. Looks similar to Beard Papa. Will have to try it one day!

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        1. re: sweeterpea

          Actually it's not like Beard Papa- this style of cream puff is popular in Indonesia. I didn't like how the filling was very thin and squirted out the end, but I was only there during their soft opening and maybe what I had wasn't perfected. I prefer the product at Beard Papa but I'm happy to give these guys another try since what they're doing is unique on this side of the pond.

          1. re: John Manzo

            Filling still squirts out of the end. Maybe by design so it can be pumped into the puff.

        2. I was walking by a few weeks ago and a girl was giving out samples. I had half of a lemon cream filled puff. The cream was a little too tart and the pastry wasn't that fresh. I wouldn't pay $2.75 for just one of these.