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Nov 17, 2010 06:32 PM

Old Porterhouse Grill

Saw a sign where the old Porterhouse Grill was on Route 9 North (Old Bridge I think) that says coming soon....Cafe Luna. Any info anyone?

The Porterhouse Grill
3679 US Highway 9, Old Bridge, NJ 08857

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  1. Great! Sounds like another Italian place, insert sacarsm here.

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    1. re: angelo04

      I am still waiting for this place to open. I moved to Old Bridge two years ago from Staten Island; I'm 100% Italian, first generation and am having quite a hard time finding good food out here. That is why I was ecstatic to see that Cafe Luna is opening. If it is the same one in Staten Island...AMEN! They have truly unique, authentic Italian dishes. You will not be disappointed. Pleas open soon! I miss the amazing pasta dish with congac sauce and shrimps, the homemade focaccia, and the calamari dorati.

    2. And Cafe Luna is now open. Reviews from some former SI'ers were very positive but I think it will fall short for the true blue chowhounders on the boards.

      I am sure I will find myself there when the less adventurous family members cross the bridge and come visit me here from the mother country. lol At which point I will post my findings.