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Nov 17, 2010 06:20 PM

looking for french restaruant around Le square phillip hotel

Just like the tittle says we'll be in town this saturday and looking for a decent moderately priced french restaruant within walking distance of the hotel. Thanks in advance CH'ers.

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  1. -this one might be in your budget, there is english version of menus
    -le caveau is not far from your hotel

    -there is a dominion tavern, more bistro food also nearby

    If you are driving in on saturday most streets downtown will be blocked off because the santa claus parade comes down the main street ste catherine up from your hotel, starting at 11am further west at fort and ending up at phillips square after 12noon, there will be hordes of people all over downtown and traffic mess because of fenced off parts of main street

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      This is good to know we are coming in friday night but going out to carfour lavel sat morning so will time it accordingly. Thanks so much wilmagrace.

    2. You might wish to consider Beaver Hall,

      Beaver Hall
      1073, Cote du Beaver Hall, Montreal, QC H2Z 1S5, CA

      1. There is a small, bistro style restaurant half a block from your hotel, same side of the street, just below St. Catherine St. It is not pretentious and not expensive but the quality is good. Here is a link.

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          Thanks to all CHers for the great recs and so quickly. I'll take a look and decide. Please keep them coming.

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            I second the suggestion for Le Grand Comptoir. Not too expensive for a French restaurant. The food is bistrot-style (duck confit, Toulouse sausages, etc.) Small restaurant, but often crowded and loud at lunch time.

            Le Grand Comptoir
            1225 Rue Du Square-Phillips, Montreal, QC H3B3E9, CA

            1. re: fallabarie

              I had forgotten about that little restaurant, so easy to pass by it, cant beat the prices or location which overlooks the square; they used to have the specials listed in window

              1. re: wilmagrace

                I was thinking of going to tavern dominion and to my regret I decided to have lunch at le grand comptoir . I was disappointed, mostly sandwiches for their lunch menu and nothing caught my interest except the toulouse sausage but it came with fries, so ordered pasta du jour. Tomato sauce overwhelmed the veal in pasta, could have been eating anything, coffee lukewarm, the crust on the one baguette slice served in bread basket was mighty hard, coffee cup cracked with age, waiter nothing to do so watched you or stood by window looking out, looked kind of rundown for this prime location including the actual menu handed out, albeit pasta was $13 with tax (no soup included with lunch menu). To be fair i might have been unlucky with my choice of meal, coffee was refilled with no charge, service was fast and pleasant, and just one other table so ambience could be better when full. Prices go up for evening. For me personally if I was visiting a city or dining with someone from out of town and wanted French flare I would like nicer surroundings. I know the prices are good but the place needs some rejuvenation. I dont know if i would go back maybe on a summer evening when they have the terrasse out front. As often requested here it is a restaurant where people on their own in Montreal could be very comfortable eating alone and reading a book or just looking outside as several tables near front window, not at all pretentious and many single tables. It is not as small as looks from outside as has back room beyond the bar area.