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Nov 17, 2010 06:08 PM

Asian Soup

I'm looking for a simple-to-make Asian soup with noodles and beef, chicken or pork. I have access to some very good Chinese BBQ pork, but could use either of the others mentioned.

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    1. re: ZenSojourner

      Great link Zen. Since I am doing stir fry tonight, I might have to make some soup to go with it!

    2. The original comment has been removed
        That channel has many good recipes (and techniques) if you keep looking.

        Truthfully, there are too many great East Asian noodle+meat soups to even scratch the surface here. I just think the above is a pretty decent resource to start learning some Japanese cooking.

        1. Folks, if you have recipes for Gail, please go ahead and post them. If you just want to nitpick the way she asked her question, please move on to another thread.