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Nov 17, 2010 05:43 PM

perrsimmon provision is open

east bay foodies rejoice,quick walk-through looked awesome,cant wait to go back!!!bust out the checkbook,this aint gonna be cheap....

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  1. Thanks for info. I will stop there next week. What goodies did you see?

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    1. re: chefjohn

      it was the opening day,so they were bringing stuff out,but there was lots of beautiful looking cuts of meat,cheeses.etc...

      1. re: im hungry

        havent been back yet,anybody been?are any rhode island people on here anymore?Hello..

        1. re: im hungry

          d'oh!! was down east bay for lunch & shopping yesterday, but i goofed didn't realize it was in barrington, then we were heading east from bristol. will report as soon as i get there.

    2. Had some excellent mushroom soup from there recently!